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On-demand bus services

Thank you for your encouragement! I am reluctant to take this to the forum because I feel I should first have a clearer idea of an actual suggestion.

On-demand bus services

Thanks for your response! Yes, I think it’s called Anrufsammeltaxi elsewhere in Germany. The thing is, of course we can (and do) map the bus stop that carries the timetable for this Rufbus. (That may be a difference to Moia, it does have a timetable.) Now having a bus stop mapped doesn’t really help if you don’t see where you can go from there. I appreciate there has to be some limit to what we map and “no zones of operation” is a good and simple rule. But on the other hand, just because this bus offers something that is actually better than an ordinary route, we can’t map it, that’s unsatisfactory for me.

A still different service is Flexo (here in Lower Saxony). It means that there are lots of bus stops in rural areas where you can start or end your journey, and there’s also timetable when the bus starts from the central stop. So in this case we can map all the small bus stops. But the Rufbus system doesn’t have those, they can just stop anywhere within their areas, at the predetermined times. Maybe you could argue that Moia is more similar to a taxi than the Rufbus/Anrufsammeltaxi because it’s independent of timetables and can’t be used with public transport tickets.

For the usage value of the pt data in osm (which has been much discussed, but I am convinced of it, as a visual type who likes to look at maps), I also find it a bit absurd to have school bus lines in the map that run twice a day, but no representation at all of the Rufbus/Anrufsammeltaxi networks.

But yes, I understand your objection, which I think effectively represents the status quo and the reason why it’s not done.