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closed 921838 RoadGeek_MD99

Please check path of Dynasty Drive. TIGER has it thru a gas station.

closed 1964266 1T-money

Que paso aqui? Parece que todo estaba borrado

closed 2835012 Dirty Pop

Abandoned ROW; not a road. Please remove from map

closed 2835007 Dirty Pop

This was abandoned over 50 years ago. Not a road; fenced off with no access.

closed 825371 F@bienne

santé rosa de copan honduras (OSM data version: 2016-11-23T15:14:03Z) #mapsme

closed 397179


closed 1333615 freebeer

entire water b0dy sh0uld n0t be marked as a dam

closed 1587468 submitted note from a business:
name: Rockies Grill & Saloon
phone: 9796963030
twitter: undefined
hours: Tuesday-Saturday 4pm
address: 2150 Texas Ave S college Station TX

closed 869274 Rita Yablonka

The place has gone or never existed. This is an auto-generated note from MAPS.ME application: a user reports a POI that is visible on a map (which can be outdated), but cannot be found on the ground. (OSM data version: 2016-12-14T16:41:03Z) #mapsme

closed 305202 sinned96

Willard Hall St continues through from Thomas St to College St

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