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open 4328245 0x0000

Unable to answer "Are these opening hours still correct?" – Atomic Wings (Chicken Wings Fast Food) – via StreetComplete 58.1:

This is now Spice Kitchen

closed 4313385 0x0000

In context of overlay "Buildings" – Subway (Sandwich Fast Food) – via StreetComplete 58.0:


closed 4313386 0x0000

In context of overlay "Buildings" – Happy Wash (Car Wash) – via StreetComplete 58.0:

Car wash

open 4313372 0x0000

In context of overlay "Buildings" – house number 3801 – via StreetComplete 58.0:

Bridge association

closed 3427974 0x0000

Unable to answer "What kind of building is this?" for via StreetComplete 48.0:

Not there anymore

closed 3922149 0x0000

Unable to answer "What are the opening hours here?" for via StreetComplete 54.0:

Being turned into a Lidl

open 4279196 0x0000

Unable to answer "Is this still here?" – Brentwood Fire Station Company 4 (Fire Station) – via StreetComplete 57.4:

Currently under construction. Will be Brentwood's new city hall.

closed 4253579 0x0000

Unable to answer "What kind of memorial is this?" – Groeningepoort (Sally Port) – via StreetComplete 57.4:

Arch commemorating the Gulden Sporenslag in 1302

closed 4246731 0x0000

Unable to answer "Do you have to pay to park here?" – Parking Lot – via StreetComplete 57.4:

Not a parking lot anymore. There isnactice construction here now. Probably condos in the future or so.

open 3620645 0x0000

Unable to answer "Can you deposit cash at this ATM?" for via StreetComplete 51.1:

Used as parking

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