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December 02, 2017
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June 22, 2024


Hello, ladies and gentlemen.


I am honoured to be here on the OpenStreetMap as a child of the Tibetan plateau to tell the story of my animal friends and me.


My village, called Rangrika, is small, but the Gnar and Hengduan Mountains are huge. The world not only belongs to me, but also to my animal friends.


Near my hometown are water deer, called Hawa in Tibetan. musk deer is called Lava in Tibetan, and rock sheep, Jaya in Tibetan. I once encountered a wolf when I was riding my horse to graze, called spyang ki in Tibetan. The Tibetan name for Tibetan fox is wa. At night there were snow leopards appearing on the ice and snow, eagles in the sky and small insects on the grass.


We Tibetans say that there are 100,000 lives in every drop of water.


Lately, I have been studying hard, in books and in nature. I want to tell you that nature can also teach us a lot. I hope that you, especially the children, will come and learn in nature in my home town and let my wildlife friends teach you.


I have also brought gifts with me today, which are the environmental pacts and nature reading books for Litang, made by the government together with my folks, my colleagues.


My animal friends, I want to put their voices, their future, in your hands in trust, and I also believe that everyone can protect biodiversity and defend nature.


Once again, thank you all.