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A critical analysis of Bing Map Builder part 2 - an update to 'OpenStreetMap is in Trouble'

Follow-up: All passed. It seems that some of the ones that triggered manual review will indeed take 2-3 days to appear in OSM.

A critical analysis of Bing Map Builder part 2 - an update to 'OpenStreetMap is in Trouble'


Since I haven’t seriously studied Map Builder, I’ve just added all my comments under Pieter Vander Vennet’s diary. I hope this doesn’t cause any inconvenience or disturbance to everyone.

It seems that in Map Builder, you can also add various custom tags and use iD presets, but this requires using the 1 / 2 / 3 keys on the keyboard. Moreover, you can select and change tags only for new elements added via keystrokes, and there’s only one opportunity to choose and edit tags. Normally, you cannot reopen this panel.

Additionally, if you edit enough content, it appears to require you to write a note, which I think might be similar to a changeset comment. Therefore, this changeset doesn’t seem to be directly edited into OSM; after clicking Save, the content in the editor returns to its unmodified state. However, when I tried adding just a small road immediately afterward, the edit was approved by Bing within 5 seconds and appeared on the real OSM.

It’s important to note that these “changesets that seem to have entered the review queue” are invisible even in Map Builder, reminiscent of China’s publish censorship.

I will continue tracking that edit which may require Microsoft employee review until it appears on OSM.

A critical analysis of Bing Map Builder part 2 - an update to 'OpenStreetMap is in Trouble'

Finally, the good news is that when you meet users who use Map Builder on the OSM main site, comments that recommend them to come to the main site instead of the Bing site will not be blocked.

A critical analysis of Bing Map Builder part 2 - an update to 'OpenStreetMap is in Trouble'


But at least one thing that seems exciting is that MS’s review is very fast, and it really does what they said all the edits are posted back to OSM.

A critical analysis of Bing Map Builder part 2 - an update to 'OpenStreetMap is in Trouble'


Map Builder seems to have been updated. This is a screenshot of its work. The interface has changed a lot from before.


But unfortunately, I still feel that the ediror are incomplete. I cannot see all the contributions my MS account has submitted to OSM in the past, whether they were approved or failed. I have been using the same MS account for various related tests since last year.

I also can’t try to see what OSM account my MS account is mapped to to determine whether my contribution has been intercepted by Bing.

house1 house2

Its editor has deleted many optional functions. Which is not terrible, but when I tried to draw an outline based on the top of the building and then move it to the bottom of the building, I found that it had no moving function (fortunately, I remembered the shortcut key M, So it worked)

I tested it and found that common iD shortcut keys such as W and G can be used, but Ctrl+Shift+H is deliberately blocked. Maybe MS doesn’t want us to know where the data is on OSM by seeing the history and element id.


What’s even more troublesome is that when saving, there seems to be a tendency to encourage uploading after completing a single edit. I wonder if this will cause many small edits that only change one building to appear in OSM that are difficult to track.


The worst part is that when you successfully save an edit, it doesn’t prompt you that your edit contributed to OSM, it just highlights Bing Map

I think this is very bad

The original comment can be found at

求助,网页出现[missing "en.javascripts怎么办


求助,网页出现[missing "en.javascripts怎么办

您好,这个问题已在 中被开发团队关注

这个问题我五六年前开始用OSM的时候就时不时会出现了,但是吧——很遗憾的是我也没法说怎么稳定复现,因为一刷新浏览器就会正常。可以试试Ctrl+F5,以及您说的“重启清理数据也没用”是指清理 在您浏览器中的缓存吗?

No more daily changesets

From 2016 to present? That’s really surprising

Hope you can enjoy your OSM holiday φ(゜▽゜*)♪!

Geely calls for relaxation of China mapping laws

I come from the future, and instead of open geographical data in China getting better, things are getting worse

Pyongyang Cities: Skylines

To draw the various architectural features of a city so carefully requires both a lot of field investigation (but since this is NK, so it should be based on photos?) and enough tenacity. (To use OSM’s model to depict such three-dimensional details may require a certain amount of artistic accomplishment)

It’s unbelievable!

Joke: General Kim must have been delighted to see his city drawn so realistically

OpenStreetMap NextGen Takes Shape! (screenshots)

First of all, thank you for the current work, it looks really good. It is obvious that you have put more effort into the interface design to make it user-friendly!

I am both a conservative and a progressive person, so I welcome it very much, but I have some questions:

And: 1. Python is generally considered to be weak in performance. Have you conducted stress tests under heavy traffic so far?

The 16 database tables currently used for nodes, ways and relations have been replaced by a single “element” table in which each single object version is stored. So one table for everything.

Especially when mmd pointed out this issue above, blurring the type of element will inevitably bring additional computational overhead to each query.

  1. When can we expect to see a read-only (not necessarily real-time sync) demo site? This would help other users and developers test their software’s compatibility with OSMNG.

  2. (About a minor UI change) It seems that the feature allowing users to customize scale and short link when sharing has not been implemented?

What is OpenStreetMap, really?

I think either “map” or “database” would be the correct answer, and they don’t seem to be completely separate. For visitors who browse the OSM website directly from the web, this is a map rendered using the openstreetmap-carto style sheet; for GIS developers, OSM is a free database. This is not a contradiction. The generation of maps requires a database, and if the database is to be presented in a form that is easy for humans to understand, it must be rendered into a map.

I think it was at that I heard “OSM is a movement” and I quite liked that (feel free to stand up and let me know if it was you who said this).

This is really scary to me, because I have heard the term “Wikimedia Movement” before (and it seems WMF is keen on calling it that?). To a certain extent, it is defined in China as an ideological export from the United States because of it is a “movement”. I am concerned that our definition of OSM as a “movement” will make it political and prevent citizens from some countries with more conservative ideologies from participating in contributing to or benefiting from it.

At least as far as I am concerned, I am promoting it from the perspective of maps and databases and those related to geographic information science and computer science, rather than the abstract concept of “OSM”. (More like what open source technology evangelists do, at least focusing on the technology itself can make me feel safe in China to a certain extent)

Mapping Hanoi: Pyongyang but a bit better

I think part of the reason why I do buildings first then POI is because the POIs are usually more “temporary” than the buildings itself.

I agree with this, I only dare to draw POIs within the range where I usually live, because I make sure I pass by them from time to time and confirm that they are still open, but there is nothing I can do further away.


应博主 @booktiger 要求,于oldid=2646259删除位于 中的内容:

此外,2023年12月份的这项专项排查治理,暂不明确是针对Mapbox等需要云端储存数据的SaaS地理信息服务的治理,还是包括但不仅限于非中国自主研发的Leaflet.js、OpenLayers等开源基础项目亦属于政治范畴(对于中国境内用户可能只能使用百度、高德、腾讯的JS SDK代替)。对于QGIS、ArcGIS等非中国自主研发的GIS桌面端分析工具是否在整治范畴暂无明确看法(不排除强制要求使用超图科技SuperGIS、中地数码MapGIS等替代的可能)

Moving the JOSM plugin repository from `svn` to `git`

I’m not a plugin author, but I must say the work you’ve made are great! Because basically everyone is using git instead of svn now, this obviously allows more people to participate in code work (in fact, I first noticed JOSM on svn more than two or three years ago, because I wanted to submit a small fix, although I had forgotten what I wanted to fix. But I failed because I didn’t know how to use svn at that time)

(Even Firefox has given up using mercurial)

I hope that one day we will see that not only the plug-in repository, but also the JOSM repository itself will switch from svn to a more modern version control system, not necessarily github, but definitely git.

Call for ideas from Microsoft

What I want to say has basically been mentioned above, but I still feel it is necessary to talk some of my views. Bing’s image timeliness has improved very well in Mainland of China recently - I mean, from 5-6 years ago, to 2-3 years ago. But for areas that are rapidly urbanizing, this is obviously not enough for mapping (on the contrary, there are even mappers that delete local mapper roads and buildings based on too old satellite images) I hope that bing can provide more help in areas where official open data is almost impossible to obtain (especially China and North Korea). Of course, I know that it will cost a astronomical amounts to update all the image data in such a large country to latest. Therefore, maybe we can introduce a new mechanism where active mappers or communities can request to updated images in a certain area of ​​several square kilometers, or Microsoft can judge where in these countries new images are more needed based on the level of activity on OSM?

The second request is, will Microsoft consider recommending to the josm community to move to git workflow as soon as possible? (Unfortunately I am not a developer using Java)

Finally, for the “Map Builder”:, I am very pessimistic about the role of MS in it. For details, see

Enriching website with Tempermonkey

Have you considered uploading your code to Greasyfork? Because for TamperMonkey users, the js script ecology of this website is more concentrated.



有一个问题, 仅仅能侦测到本月创建账户并在本月做出编辑的新人,对于那种一年来一次,次次删名字的,依然是监测不到的




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我会尽量先用个人关系找一下看能不能发现对应的老师,此外 @这里没有鱼 如果您有osmcha订阅或者其他好的检查方法也希望能分享!


Mapping Pyongyang: a work of patience

Shocking of such patience and perseverance, but looks like North Korea still has so much to accomplish, this is a long and lonely march

I’m more curious about how you deal with the offset problem than this, because when I’m mapping some megacities (such as Beijing), it can’t be completed within a few years, and the base map provided by esri/maxar will be drawn three months later visit again, even if it is the same base map provider, there may be errors with the previous ones due to re-shooting. Have you ever dealt with similar problems during the drawing process?