Mapper since:
September 14, 2009

About me

I’m a casual mapper, mapping usually a few times per week since 2009. I’m from Czechia, currently living in Germany in the Bodensee (region).

I’m an IT guy, but I prefer mapping in person. Going to the nature and adding hiking and cycling trails and the related amenities. Time to time I also participate in HOT.


I create hiking and winter maps for Garmin for Europe and some countries on other continents.

Software and hardware used

Home Mapping

Field Mapping

  • StreetComplete: Casual map improvements
  • Every Door: Adding amenities, micro mapping
  • OSM Tracker: Gathering tracks and points for JOSM
  • Vespucci: Editing when Every Door is not enough
  • Good multi-purpose maps, based on OSM outside of Czechia. Updates only a few times a year.
  • Simple OSM Viewer: The name describes it well, shows the default Mapnik styles from
  • OsmAnd: Lot of functionalities, I don’t use it much anymore.