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Creator: naoliv


Redaction for DMCA request received from Guiacalles / Navi Systems EIRL on Jan 16, 2018

The portion of the DMCA request that does not contain private data:

[work] => Complete maps of cities of our property, stolen along with the computers of our offices. We have identified by the hidden marks as false street names created on purpose to identify them and identical geometry. Many cities such as Chimbote, Chachapoyas, Jaen, Arequipa, Cajamarca, Tacna, Chiclayo, Piura and others to review. It is possible that there are more cases, we will continue reviewing We request that this material be deleted immediately Thank you for your attention
[territory] => Peru
[name_first] => Carlos
[name_last] => Calle
[company] => Guiacalles / Navi Systems EIRL