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closed 1641 andrewpmk

many missing stores - please check location of bell store and H&M and remove fixme tag

over 3 years ago about 2 months ago
closed 1342 andrewpmk

what is this

over 3 years ago about 2 months ago
closed 112733 andrewpmk

skydiving place overlaps parking aisle

over 2 years ago about 2 months ago
closed 328449 stevens

This is a trempoline place. Kids can come here and pay to play/jump on trampolines. The name starts with Aero something but I didn't write down the name as a I drove past and don't remember the rest or know how to tag this

over 1 year ago 7 months ago
closed 342521

Is Future Shop permanently closed or has it become Best Buy - see

over 1 year ago 11 months ago
closed 61137 stevens

There is more here than I was able to map. Someone should go visit and map these. There is a criminals Lawyers office along other things.

Mappy hour test note.

almost 3 years ago 11 months ago
open 388137 stevens

This building is 56 Rowes Wharf or so the sign on the front says. I am not tagging the building because it is was mapped as a series of unjoined polygons not a single polygon.

about 1 year ago about 1 year ago
open 388136 stevens

This building is 20 Rowes Wharf

about 1 year ago about 1 year ago
closed 156031 andrewpmk

new bldg maybe hotel

over 2 years ago over 1 year ago
closed 260234 andrewpmk

Dufferin St. starts north side of this intersection I think. Also is full name "William R. Allen Road" really appropriate?

almost 2 years ago almost 2 years ago

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