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Just mapped The Legacy Village almost 2 years ago

hey, thanks for mapping it, very nice job. extremely detailed. cool that you had fun. that's not too far from me - probably about 30km.

I only have visited once or twice in the past couple years (it's where many very well-to-do in the cleveland area go to shop) and that's there so much other mapping to do in Cleveland and other osm-related projects that I (and the handful of other users) haven't had time to map it yet.

There's also also another shopping complex, beachwood place just diagonal from there too. :P

WOF#7. Import guidelines over 2 years ago

This is a great start! Although I've only done one import before, I'd probably also move the license to the second step, after all, doing all of the work and then finding out that you cannot add the data would be disappointing.

The Growing OSM Community in Cleveland, Ohio (USA) over 2 years ago

Minh, Unsolicited !

That some of the students have continued to edit is great ! I also saw one of them edit in Cleveland as well.

secondary_link appears underneath residential ways ?! over 2 years ago

Thanks for the responses... I understand that it shouldn't be secondary_link (and probably secondary) and I'll change it, but I wonder why secondary_link appears like that in the first place. UI updates over 2 years ago

Thanks too for the devs for implementing them. UI updates over 2 years ago

I noticed this as well and was about to make a diary entry on it ! I'm a little surprised the dev's didn't make an entry in the news section on the wiki.

I don't know which specific changes were implemented and when, but I like the changes. =)
[Notably, a user's current page's button has a green background and the borders for each button were removed.

How I Map: TIGER Cleanup over 2 years ago

I meant to send this as a comment instead of a private message...

With road classification, I use the same practices as you for TIGER (here in Cleveland, OH). I also find tertiary relatively ambiguous, with no absolute rules of when it should be applied. I usually decide whether it's tertiary [or unclassified or residential] by a combination of factors: if the speed limit is 35, as opposed to 25 in most residential, the amount of businesses/other uses other than residential on the way, the amount of traffic it receives [relative to roads in the area], the # of lanes, and last, certainly, not least, just a general feel.

Efficiently merging government park boundaries in JOSM over 2 years ago

Thanks for detailing this !

I'd also like to import the parks in my area (they're also available as a shapefile), although it's admittedly not high on my priority list. If I ever get around to it (or the more likely scenario, I can point another user to this if they wonder how), I'll keep this in mind and bookmarked !

My Mappy Christmas almost 3 years ago

As far as I know, the only kindle maps that use OSM are at:

roh-oh on the Hudson Bay. almost 3 years ago

It looks like it's been fixed =)

U of L progress. almost 3 years ago

Cool, looks like it's coming along well.

bday:) almost 3 years ago

Mappy birthday =)

How to mark a single point on OSM and share it with friends (Tutorial) almost 3 years ago

thanks for mentioning facilmap ! I never heard of it before and it's current with OSM data !

You're welcome.

How to create an OSM extract of your city. almost 3 years ago

Thanks for the info, I'm anxiously waiting to try that query once more as each time I have tried [3 or 4 today], the server is overcrowded :(

After just 2 or 3 seconds of submitting the input I have received the message:
Error: runtime error: open64: 0 /osm3s_v0.6.95_areas Dispatcher_Client::request_read_and_idx::timeout. Probably the server is overcrowded.

How to create an OSM extract of your city. almost 3 years ago

I tried nicolasdumoulin's approach
and it unfortunately left me with the same results that I had experienced earlier, missing segments of the administrative border. :[

How to create an OSM extract of your city. almost 3 years ago

That's the map that I'm looking to make ! Unfortunately, I haven't figured out yet the correct rules to use for the Overpass API. :/

Through my searching, I found a couple suggestions in

and I'll be testing those out in the next day or so to see if they will work.

GPS visualizer - minor updates about 3 years ago

Cool project !

I tried to run it and unfortunately received an error as follows:

OUTPUT = output.png
SRCDIR = /media/myharddrivesname/1archiveuntitled folder 2/

Use of uninitialized value in addition (+) at line 143.
Use of uninitialized value in addition (+) at line 143.
Use of uninitialized value in addition (+) at line 144.
Use of uninitialized value in addition (+) at line 144.
Use of uninitialized value in subtraction (-) at line 146.
Use of uninitialized value in subtraction (-) at line 146.
Use of uninitialized value in subtraction (-) at line 147.
Use of uninitialized value in subtraction (-) at line 147.
Illegal division by zero at line 148.

Rendering the Lake Erie Coastline using Osmarender (Update 2) about 3 years ago

The second osmosis filter that I run to remove ways information in the bounding box that I do not need:

osmosis --read-xml v5.02-extracted.osm --way-key-value keyValueList="highway.motorway_link,highway.motorway,highway.primary_link,highway.primary,highway.secondary,highway.secondary_link,highway.tertiary,highway.residential,highway.service,highway.unclassified,railway.rail,railway.light_rail,railway.tram,railway.subway,,waterway.river,waterway.riverbank,natural.water,natural.coastline,boundary.administrative" --used-node --write-xml v5.02-filtered.osm

Rendering the lakefront using Osmarender about 3 years ago

Here's an update of how I progressed since then.

The problem:

When downloading data from OSM, the geographic area is (not always, but for the sake of this post, most of time) shaped in a rectangle defined by the bounding a north, east, south, and west coordinates (known as a bounding box).

When it comes to coastlines in OSM, the entire area is not downloaded, just the data within the bounding box. This can be a problem if your data partially contains a coastline and the data does not specify which side is land and which is water !

Thus, here's what you should do if you have a large coastline to render in osmarender.
(thanks to bobkare in the OSM IRC channel for the help).

  1. download the tiles@home client.

  2. Extract the t@h client, copy both ./ and the folder png2tileinfo to the folder that contains the .OSM file you wish to render.

  3. Run ./ on the .OSM file
    As follows: ./ minlat minlon maxlat maxlon < theosmfile.osm > output.osm will download the additional coastline that was not in the bounding box and specify the area(s) near the coastline which contain water.

After running, my output .osm file, once rendered, still did not have water in it.
Why ?!
Through a couple trial and errors of running, I also learned that the the bounding box order IS NOT the same as your minlat minlon maxlat maxlon . The bounding box order (used in the OSM API, [v.06]) is left,bottom,right,top sides of your bounding box;

but the parameters of the
minlat is the bottom (of your bounding box) (southern portion),
maxlat is the top/north;
minlon is the left/west;
maxlon is the right/east.

I had mistakenly entered the bounding box coordinates in the same order of the API, not the specific order used in

The correct was:./ 41.49503 -81.7291 41.51245 -81.69391 < input.osm &rt; output.osm

EDIT: I haven't fixed it yet I was able to render the coastline using an area of bounding box that consisted of the mall portion of downtown Cleveland (the above coordinates), for the sake of simplicity during this debugging process. However, when I attempt to run the above using the bounding box of the entire city of Cleveland (the same used for the Cleveland Neighborhood Map), the water is displayed everywhere on the rendered image, instead of just Lake Erie.