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What comes first, Map or Database? Should we tell newbies the truth? about 1 month ago

Whenever I do my "Introduction to OpenStreetMap" lecture, I always make sure to point out that the project is all about the geodata, and then pointing to numerous examples of people using the data in many interesting manners. I think this explains quite well that the project is much more than the map you see on the website.

admin boundaries: school districts in CA, US 6 months ago

For the quick key-value editing, the Level0 editor might be what you need.

Why am I against wholesale import of administrative boundaries from any 3rd party source for the Philippines 6 months ago

@SimonPoole, I don't know where you read that Maning says that GADM's license is compatible. He did say that "The license is incompatible.".

@Rovastar, I'm "Eugene" mentioned by Maning, and I actually tried to remove the "offset". You can't do that for the whole dataset with any consistency. If you go several kilometers north of the area shown above, the offset drastically changes as seen in the map below.

Northern Caloocan GADM vs. OSM

Globalizing the name translation debate 8 months ago

@Stalfur, I also think that the original point also includes developing tools to use Wikidata with OSM data. There is no suggestion that we wholesale remove some name tags in OSM without having a concurrent usable tool in obtaining the data in those removed name tags.

Globalizing the name translation debate 8 months ago

I think the original point of the mailing discussion is, why not put your Vietnamese translations into Wikidata instead of in OSM?

map styles: Default OSM vs Google Maps 9 months ago

The question is, what is the purpose of the default map style? From what I understand, this style is the mapper's style and is meant to show at a glance whether an area is already well-mapped or not. And at higher zoom levels, it tries to show POIs and other smaller details so that we can see if there are missing or outdated features. As such, it intentionally shows a huge amount of detail at various zoom levels.

Comparing this style with Google Maps might not be such a good idea. We can probably look to it as an inspiration for certain design decisions, but that's it.

OSMaPaaralan about 1 year ago

I guess we can restart the discussions regarding this project.

But we still need to resolve the Google Maps coordinates issue first before we can proceed.

The trouble with the ODbL - summarized over 1 year ago

For a supposed legal analysis, I was disappointed that the Centre of Spatial Law claims that there is no guidance on the licensing of the individual contents of the OSM database. I think they missed this part of the Contributor Terms (emphasis mine):

"OSMF agrees that it may only use or sub-license Your Contents as part of a database and only under the terms of one or more of the following licences: ODbL 1.0 for the database and DbCL 1.0 for the individual contents of the database"

While it may be confusing to have 2 different licenses for the database and the contents, I think this is warranted by the fact that there are 2 different legal concepts at play in Europe: database rights and copyrights.

OpenStreetMap birthday weekend (including wikimania etc) over 1 year ago

Hey, Harry! I was really great to finally meet you in person. I really enjoyed my time in London and I hope I can visit again in the future. I didn't realize there was cake! I guess these were all already in people's stomachs by the time we arrived from Wikimania? :P

How do I indoor map my building? over 1 year ago

OpenStreetMap Isn't All That Open, Let's Change That and Drop Share-Alike almost 2 years ago

For a nice discussion of GPL vs. BSD:

OpenStreetMap Isn't All That Open, Let's Change That and Drop Share-Alike almost 2 years ago

As giggls said above, this is the GPL vs. BSD/public domain debate all over again. GPL vs. BSD is hardly resolved in the software world and you can point to success stories for both camps (Linux kernel for GPL, and BSD Unix for BSD, sqlite for public domain) and numerous pros and cons on both sides. The same arguments can be mentioned for OSM as well.

Hello, OSM! almost 2 years ago

Great work in Luisiana! :-)

OSM mapping at regional or national scales: aiming at creating consolidated reference layers / La cartographie OSM à échelles régionales et nationales : l'objectif de créer des couches de référence consolidées almost 2 years ago

Sounds like what I tried to do here:

My first OSM meeting about 2 years ago

Do you know about the talk-au mailing list?

Bagong Simula over 2 years ago

Hi Lester,


Kagaya ng Google Map Maker, mayroon ring talaang pang-email ang pamayanang OSM sa Pilipinas. Kung interesado ka, makilahok ka dito:

May mga ilang bagay lang akong inayos sa mga binago mo sa Biñan at Carmona. Kung may mga tanong ka, puwede kang magtanong sa akin sa pamamagitan ng pagdala ng mensahe sa aking pahina. :-)

A new way of fast browsing of latest changes almost 3 years ago

I think another vital tool is a way to easily analyze a single changeset. You should be able to see what objects were modified, created, and deleted. What the tags are on those objects and what modifications were done on those tags. How the shapes of objects changed. If ways were reversed, split, or joined.

The OSM History Viewer goes halfway there but I think it could be much much more.

Advanced rendering of tags almost 3 years ago

Regarding my comment about the "projection scaling bug", I confirmed that this is indeed a bug due to the mercator projection not having a uniform scale throughout the map. Despite that, the courts are rendered in a uniform scale per zoom level. The courts look great in France but would have the wrong size in other latitudes.

I'm guessing that these courts are rendered as if they were SVG icons, but rotated to match the general orientation of the pitches. If we really want scale-correct courts, I think that would require some complicated processing in the PostGIS DB. But as a proof-of-concept, this initial rendering of courts is actually great.

Note: I'm not complaining, just pointing out (probably already known) oddities.

As for the meaning of "leisure=pitch", I was actually hoping to spark a discussion. But maybe it's best discussed on the tagging@ mailing list. :-)

Advanced rendering of tags almost 3 years ago

It seems there's a projection scaling bug for the tennis courts. Here's a tennis pitch area, but the tennis court image is too big!

The tennis pitch there actually contains 2 tennis courts. Do we need to split up the leisure=pitch polygon into 2? I don't think we should, since it's just 1 pitch area.

Map of turn restrictions about 3 years ago

This is very useful! Thanks for creating this map. :-)