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[Not finished yet]The Dark side of the Crisis/Mass Mapping 7 months ago

Does anyone even check what HOTOSM contributors leave behind? 8 months ago

It is not only a problem of new mappers. This Problem is in deed very HOT specific. HOT is encouraging new mappers, to map places, where nothing is to find comparable to their normal environment. And in some boring tiles, where nothing is to map, even experienced mappers start to map animal traces as highway=unclassified. Project managers and requesting organisations are most of the time neither involved in mapping nor in validating. No critical feedback, only success stories all the time.

The OSM street network is more than 80% complete 8 months ago

Your figures may be right, where a strong local community is present. But in Africa, where most of the content was added during missing map campaigns we have large areas with absolut unusable data.

Review of Africa Highway Tags 12 months ago

Hi, we can discribe any possible road condition with existing tags. When a road is not suitable for normal traffic, it should be tagged as track. You may want to invent a additional tag, like we do with service roads (, but certainly no new road type

Mapping turn lanes in OpensStreetMap over 2 years ago

Complex junctions - With a lot of guesswork. If some one has local knowledge, we could adapt this to the reality. But it is generally not too complicated to map such complex junctions with the *.lanes scheme OSM-file

Mapping turn lanes in OpensStreetMap over 2 years ago

In some rare cases you might need to use relations. Please check this proposal, where some strange cases were highlighted. Here is an example of a simple crossing which incorporates 15 turnlanes:turn relations: The problem with that is not the tagging but the maintenance.

Mapping turn lanes in OpensStreetMap over 2 years ago

When looking at this segment, one will understand that there are reasons for the wider usage of the *:lanes scheme. First: It is human readable. Second: It is simply extendable with common tags and therefore it it much more versatile as this aged zombie proposal. And by the way, simply counting relations and ways is like trying to compare of apples with oranges

Mapping turn lanes in OpensStreetMap over 2 years ago

As mentioned before, there is already an approved way to map turnlanes in osm. This scheme is also supported by osmand and mapfactor since some time.

Verschlimmbesserungen over 6 years ago

Hallo 4gruwe,
wäre echt schade einen so aktiven Mapper in direkter Nachbarschaft zu verlieren.
Falls du dich an meinen Edits gestört haben solltest könnten wir das auch vor Ort klären.