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26 days ago 25 days ago
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Is this road now open now? tThe note value indicates closed during bridge construction.

over 2 years ago about 2 months ago
closed 518946

The tire shop on this corner burned down, its a huge empty lot now.

2 months ago about 2 months ago
closed 518958

coffee shop on the corner. "Joliba" or something similar.

2 months ago about 2 months ago
closed 495160 mslvnv

Marriott Marquis

4 months ago 2 months ago
closed 221098

this huge "The French American School" building almost certainly doesn't exist

over 1 year ago 3 months ago
closed 316689

There is a restaurant called Cafe 88 here.

about 1 year ago 3 months ago
open 8728 oba510

Are the boundaries of Albany Hill Park correct? The County Assessor maps show most of the western slope of the hill as not owned by the city.

almost 3 years ago 5 months ago
closed 6695

bounds: (40.1516,-85.4313 - 40.1443,-85.4105)
Map is showing wrong data here. This map is incorrect for the southwind village neighborhood.

almost 3 years ago 10 months ago
closed 192357 oba510

"Employment information" is a strange name for a post office.

almost 2 years ago 12 months ago

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