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First edit over 8 years ago

Welcome aboard!

Bulovka over 8 years ago

Congratulations, Martin

That doesn't usually happen ... over 8 years ago

It wasn't across van Hoogstraten's land was it? 8-)

OSM in the news over 8 years ago

Seems like the British Cartographic Society like Opensteetmap

Scottish box almost 9 years ago

Indeed. I was curious what it was that was driving the obvious German interest in the project.

Scottish box almost 9 years ago

Ah, thanks. Did wonder.

Scottish box almost 9 years ago

If you click on this map link, you'll need to zoom out a bit to see what I mean


Big red postboxes almost 9 years ago

Welcome aboard. Your quote made me chuckle, as I live in Balham, and the first update I added to the map was the postbox on my road