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closed 741629 malenki

Accommodation for pilgrims of Way of St James.

18 days ago 10 minutes ago
open 760893 malenki

The building was erected as château, built in 1495 (the owner told me).

1 day ago 1 day ago
closed 702694 malenki

Die Gartenstraße ist nirgends mit Einbahn- oder Einfahrtverbotsschildern versehen, sondern nur mit "30-Zone"

about 2 months ago 3 days ago
closed 715034 malenki

Dieser Weg geht weiter nach Westen und durch eine für Fußgänger offene Pforte auf den Feldweg.

about 1 month ago 3 days ago
open 429273 malenki

Does Cycle Route 8 (Lôn Las Cymru) really split in two parts here?

about 1 year ago 4 days ago
open 296551 wiedergaenger

MapDust meldet hier Einbahnstraße zwischen der Kreuzung Beierfelder Straße und der Sonnenstraße. Richtung leider unbekannt. Außerdem ist kurz vor der Abbiegung zur August-Bebel-Straße (von nordend kommend) ein Ministück Einbahnstraße eingetragen. Vielleicht doch bis zur August-Bebel-Straße Einbahnverkehr? Bitte vor Ort prüfen - Danke :)

almost 2 years ago 6 days ago
open 754731 malenki

inside there is also a fireplace. if not mapped, please add it.

6 days ago 6 days ago
open 751332 malenki

Here is the old road with a bridge from which a track can be accessed which amongst others comes to the stream flowing through the bridge.
Nice possibilities for an explorer. ;)

9 days ago 9 days ago
open 751331 malenki

Here is an abandoned quarry. The service road has been blocked by a heap of stones.

9 days ago 9 days ago
open 751330 malenki

I think somewhere around here the original way of St James turns right on a path and is well signed from there on.
The GR65 was changed 20 years ago to pass some Gites and restaurants.
There must be a (commercial) reason for signs in several languages at signposts to NOT follow any other way even if you are told so but only the GR65.
Image and track I will upload in not too close future.

9 days ago 9 days ago

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