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open 633359 kevjs1982

Is Hound's Gate actually one way? There are no one way signs on Wheeler Gate or Hounds gate, and the Hounds Gate/Spaniel Row junction had both entry and exit markings, and cars certainly treat Hounds Gate as one way. The Wheeler Gate / Friar Lane junction is marked with give way markings exiting Wheeler Gate only though.

5 days ago 5 days ago
open 335611 SK53

No PRoW sign at this end

over 1 year ago 7 days ago
closed 563074 will_p

There are now signs for National Cycle Network route 48 here. They don't match with the currently mapped 'proposed' route. Survey needed.

3 months ago 7 days ago
closed 115234 kevjs1982

Where does the Sneinton Greenway go here? Signs further east imply it must get to here, but further west say "public footpath". Possible inconstancy while Meadow Lane bridge is still sat there waiting to be bought into use.

over 2 years ago 23 days ago
open 329350

A453 to be renamed "Remembrance Way" - need to find out which section this applies too (e.g. is it just the bits in Nottinghamshire, the rural section or the whole lot?)

over 1 year ago about 1 month ago
open 403203 kevjs1982

Signs up saying this footpath will be closed some point this year, and will be replaced by one roughly in the same position as the desire path from Axmouth Drive. Part of the CP will be closed off until Dec 2015 to allow construction of new homes.

12 months ago about 2 months ago
open 238069 kevjs1982

Construction of the housing here due to start soon with the first properties becoming available in 2015. The majority of the site has been cleared apart from two buildings which look like they are abandoned.

almost 2 years ago 3 months ago
closed 435883 SK53

Tortilla, buritto place (f/f or resto) opening here

10 months ago 9 months ago
open 458563 kevjs1982

Housing being demolished around here.

9 months ago 9 months ago
closed 190612

Lace Market Hotel appears to have been acquired and notice on door says reopening in Autumn.

about 2 years ago 9 months ago

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