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The 'My GPS is better than Your GPS' types of edits. almost 6 years ago

I've noticed on my mobile when it has Glonass activated it gets lock much much faster than with GPS alone* (although this might be down to the half a dozen listed Glonass satellites each showing a stronger signal than any GPS one) - doesn't seam to be any more accurate in the main when standing still, but when moving about seams to draw much straighter lines (when walking on a straight road that is!). When indoors at home or work (near a window) I tend to see half a dozen Glonass satellites and just a couple of weak GPS ones.

In the city centre it will gain lock within seconds of turning the "GPS" on compared with my Garmin GPS (only) receiver that can take minutes.

*even with GSM, 3G, and WiFi deactivated.

A46 Farndon to Widmerpool dualling. almost 6 years ago

Doing a ride on the southern section this arvo shows that the The Bridleway to Roehoe is now open apart from a 80 meter stretch where it meets Lamming Gap Lane (although all the bollards/barriers have been pushed into the dirt - only realised it was still closed when I realised how soft it was - looks like plenty of horses and bikes are already using it though)/

All junctions from Widmerpool to Flintham are now mapped including adjecent bridleways/tracks/local roads

However, just realised today that the link using the farm track and Lamming Gap Lane is supposed to be "bypassed" by a bridleway which looks to be some way off completion. Makes the gap between Owthorpe and Stragglethorpe more obvious an omission - from Widmerpool (alas Station Road rather than the junction) to Flintham (with that exception) there is (or rather will be by late summer) now a parallel cycle-able route along bridleways, cycleways and local quiet roads. (With Flintham to Farndon now being on the now much quieter Fosse Road and then into Newark-on-Trent on the pre-existing cycleways).

Licence change checkup over 6 years ago

80n does seam to get everywhere - can't tell what s/he's actually changed on most of the things I've checked.

I feel like a vandal over 6 years ago

On the A46 between Widmerpool and Margidunum, where the road network has changed during the widening works, I have left a way (on the route of the old way) with just a note on it explaining what has happened - seams to have kept anyone from adding the old roads back - unlike areas of Nottingham city centre where the roads reappeared shortly after I had removed them completely during road realignment works!

Option - show coordinates of cursor - why only longitude is displayed? over 6 years ago

Looks like it's already been done but with rubbish wording

Option - show coordinates of cursor - why only longitude is displayed? over 6 years ago

I'm seeing the exact same bahaviour in Firefox 8.0 running on Windows Vista with Flash Player

There is a white box about 2cm by 1cm high next to the zoom controls, the longitude is displayed on top line, and nothing on the bottom line see

GPS visualizer - minor updates over 6 years ago

Cool - neat to see a huge blob covering Nottingham and a few tentacles spread out from there when running for my traces - now to go outside and enjoy the end of the summer before I start playing with this too much!

Removing others entries from the database about 7 years ago

"I think clicking on decline is stating very clearly that they don't want to continue. I think it is naive to think most of these will change their minds."

On the country - I am happy to accept the changes, but as I have, and still am to a small degree, using OS Open Data and due to all the FUD being spread about leaving me unsure whether or not I can accept the new contributor terms I have had to click "Decline" as there was no "remind me later" option available and I am unable to revert and accept should the need arise.

"True, but as I am mostly a bedroom mapper, it doesn't bother me too much. I can map buildings, formation of roads, etc better than gps anyway."

Actually you can't - I used to think pretty much the same and while Bing and OS OpenData Streetview are excellent tool for assisting with mapping (e.g. where exactly did that smooth track turn to a bumpy soil, was it before or after the bridge?) nothing beats going out and actually mapping - you pick up lots of stuff not visible on the aerial photography, and find that the aerial photography is wrong in many cases (e.g. the aerial photography of Hucknall doesn't show the tram station - the service opened in 2003!), especially where development is on going (e.g. round Margidunum on the Fosse Way - or for that matter anywhere between Widmerepool and Farndon) and in many cases you'll find the tracks you thought existed actually aren't, or only have private access which is visible from Bing right next to a decent Bridleway which wasn't (e.g. between Flawford and Plumtree). Even if you are working from photos you took yourself last year you would be missing all the new signs for National Cycle Route 15 which have been popping up, and the new cycle facilites being installed in Nottingham city centre for instance. Even if you still use Bing to map you'll have some GPS traces to line it up properly - the alignment of Bing can be substantially out in places - many photos round here suffer from roads jumping 10 - 15 meters where the photos join!

But they won't map as well as me! about 7 years ago

I thought the same at the start, but have been very fortunate in most of the other mappers (all the human ones) round here doing things very well and in ways which actually result in me noticing more things in the world and therefore improving my own mapping.

Having a decent number of other mappers in your area means other mappers notice stuff I wouldn't have, or stuff I did and didn't consider mapping (e.g. real_ale=* on a amenity=pub), and can also add details in which I haven't got a clue about - e.g. what on earth is the difference between a wood, a forest, a scree, or some other natural thing I have never heard of? Other mappers do care about those sorts of things and are able to add those sort of details in. On the flip side many others don't care about cycle routes but the work those people have already done (e.g. adding "footpaths" and roads) makes it trivial for me to add that sort of detail to the map. It's an awesome example of gradual improvements which improve everyone's mapping, and as a result the end product.

Speed limits about 7 years ago

And the speed limit doesn't really help with planning journey times - plenty of roads would be difficult to take at the limits (especially when stuck behind a micra doing 30mph on an NSL-60 road just outside an urban area)....

"So I typically add any exceptional speed limits that couldn't be implicitly derived." - although this obviously leaves the question in the mind of the next mapper - is this road NSL/standard for the limit, or is it unchecked?

Interesting GPS trace, and other MapDust oddities about 7 years ago

The most useless have to be "Nothing to Report" - e.g. - or those posted in a foreign language with no indication of what that language is (Google Language Tools can't even work it out on the few occasions I have tried)

Is there an OSM editor that doesn't suck? over 7 years ago

@Richard - unfortunately not, my programming skills don't lie with Java or Actionscript (more PHP and VB6).

My earlier comments were perhaps, with hindsight, a bit harsh but driven from the frustration of losing contributions yet again.

I will say that aside from that issue (and a few glitches which I will try to reproduce and raise bug reports for if they are in the new blue version) Potlatch 2 is a huge step forward, for most of the common things it's very very easy to do stuff - my only grumble is you can't hide the stuff to the left of Potlatch itself2! When Merkaartor and Potlatch2 work they are brilliant tools, which makes it more annoying they are not quite perfect.

One thing I have noticed is that once you commit the change set stays open which means hitting save more often won't leave a million sets behind - if I make a successful save, and then have a failed save will my whole changeset be lost or will it just be the changes since my last save.

WRT to Bing and Merkaartor - just downloaded the latest but can't see Bing anywhere - is there an issue with the Windows builds?

new GPS for me over 7 years ago

Rechargeables are a no brainer My 2700mAh NiMH batteries last an absolute age - over 24 hours when I've accidentally forgot to turn off. They can drain quicker when it's cold though (below five degrees).

OSM Formula 1 over 8 years ago

When doing my quick knock up (the recent races in Valencia and Singapore spiked my interest!) I was only interested in the current tracks - fortunately the Autódromo José Carlos Pace in Interlagos - the current Brazilian circuit - is in there, although not mapped that brilliantly (rather jagged - a bit like Donington Park!) - at least Interlagos has decent aerial coverage.

As for Donington Park - work appears to be progressing quite well so I would imagine the layout will change regardless of Bernie's decision on Monday. I'll have to keep an eye on the local rag and see if Donington Park are doing any open days where you can walk around the track (like you used to be able to do when new motorways opened!)

EGNOS now Live over 8 years ago

I was seeing 37 and 39 here in Nottingham - 37 especially coming up strongest of all with a solid bar (i.e. the Garmin has locked on) but understandably no "D" on that column.

Not bad considering I did the first tests in a north facing garden!

EGNOS now Live over 8 years ago

I believe they have been testing for a while, never had much any luck getting the D's before but have only sporadically tried turning WAAS (and therefore EGNOS) on.

Why so many new signups from Fremont, CA? over 8 years ago

There seams to be a bit of a snowball effect - too big an area to fix and no-one can be bothered, but a couple of people start mapping the town, the map starts looking better, people look it and see how there neighbourhood can be improved, so map that and neighbouring estates better, someone else sees there area is reasonably good and finishes it off - and before you know it there are quite a few active mappers in a city. (Also the sun coming out and it being warmer help somewhat)...

Airports almost 9 years ago

Whoops, clicked okay before I finished!.

Also, RAF Newton has the been given the same icao reference as "East Midlands Airport - Nottingham, Leicester, Derby" (namely EGNX).

Also, with regards to "Nottingham Airport", Many local road signs (and all installed in the last five years or so) refer to the airport as "Nottingham (Tollerton) Airport", to avoid confusion with the much bigger airport at Castle Donington - these signs started appearing so after they renamed that one "Nottingham East Midlands Airport".

Presumably you have renamed it "Nottingham Airport" as this is what it's correct name is (and what it is know as aeronautically) - how should these two conflicting names be tagged? (The "Nottingham (Tollerton) Airport" compromise looks okay to me).

Airports almost 9 years ago

Nice work - I have noticed that you have added RAF Newton - this no longer exists as an airport, it is now partially an industrial estate and the site is mooted to become an "Ecotown" (new town). IIRC the former control tower is now an office block.

Presumably this needs to be deleted, but are there any tags for "location of former airport"?

Gamston and Bassingfield, Nottinghamshire almost 9 years ago

Loading and Saving - took over half an hour to fail to load an area of around 1 km2, and still failed to load half the points. Sunday is normally slow enough anyway, but it's now unusable on Sundays - and the rest of the week is Sunday speeds.

Actually using it once loaded is still as snappy as ever. :o)