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GraphHopper 0.3 released: Fast Route Planner Beyond Two Dimensions 3 months ago

Turn restriction support will come in the next version.

GraphHopper 0.1.1 4 months ago

Yes, this was deactivated, but as a library you can still take advantage of it. If you want to have it again in the app, please create an issue on github.

Redundanz bei OSM-Daten 5 months ago

so is mir keine Routinganwendung bekannt, welches nicht nur maxspeed, sondern auch das richtungsbezogene maxspeed:forward und maxspeed:backward nutzt.

Sorry da konnte ich nicht wiederstehen ;)

OpenStreetMap Isn't All That Open, Let's Change That and Drop Share-Alike 8 months ago

First I do 100% agree with you! But you should also state somewhere that we would need this to make (easier/more) business out of OpenStreetMap (like you for MapBox). Of course this is not bad!

But I don't see this happen. This is very similar to relicensing the linux kernel from GPL to Apache or whatever, and due to the massive amount of contributors I fear this is impossible. Also not all OSM people agree with being more open and companies earning and making money, OSM would loose lots of contributors due to this.

If those people would be honest to themself they would realize: the license uncertainty is a mess not only for people using the data but also for the contributors!

Let me explain. Was Apple brought to court? No. Or will someone bring to court if they don't attribute? I fear no. No one from the foundation actually really cares or has the money to care. And this leads to massive violations of the license/attribution, which is similar to having no license.

Instead I would suggest (like you): make the data more public or find a compromise where attribution is required, but will also be enforced if violated. (e.g. like violating the GPL can bring your company to court)

I am looking library to access OSM data from Visual Studio or Android 8 months ago

GraphHopper also stores the street names and the lookup is easy: ala graphHopper.getLocationIndex().findClosest(lat, lon).getEdge().getName()

GraphHopper runs on Android too, but you'll have to develop a full app on your own. There is currently only a rather raw demo for Android.

GraphHopper - A fast routing engine in Java with the help of OpenStreetMap data! over 1 year ago

Oh, I didn't recognized that every blog entry is displayed on the main site and other will read this stub entry :)

And yes, thanks for the wiki link ;)