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1 Million Mappers Soon ... No, Not Really almost 2 years ago

butrus_butrus, tmcw, I did not suggest that nobody would come back, but rather these dead accounts have a real cost on project. They are not "free". Also, I bet both of you would have made an account when you came back if needed. Anyway, no worries, I'm glad you both came back :-)

Using the DOD GS-600 or similar HD blackbox gps cameras for OSM almost 2 years ago

Hi Marlow,

Thanks for posing this! Can you read the signs with the camera? I could not ready them in the utube video.

Thanks Jason.

1 Million Mappers Soon ... No, Not Really almost 2 years ago

The find nearby users feature should show new accounts without any map changes. If somebody opens up an account nearby and does not manage to edit the map, I would like to contact them and offer to help. If it is more than a year old, we probably lost them already.

For the 0.05% that open up an account and 2 years later make their first edit, all of the other issues don't seem worth saving them 1 step. I don't have data, but it seems like this is an extremely rare occurrence, and we should not be degrading important features because of this.

For users without any map edits, if we get our password hashes stolen, then we have 800,000 people that are at risk for no reason.

Not being able to close an account seems kind of rude.

MassGIS building file converted to OSM format almost 2 years ago


We are talking about it on the us-talk.

Basically, the license is fine because it comes from MassGIS. Nobody has signed up to actually push this into OSM yet. I was hoping that people that are mapping in MA, would take a look at the data and see what it looks like first then we can see what makes sense to do next.

Thanks Jason.