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Hi everyone,

my Name is Harry and I am 34 Years old. I am currently living partly in Mauritius and Germany.

I am working in the tourism sector and have shares on a car rental company. Our major operation field is Mauritius. This is also how I got to open street map.

We currently implement in all our cars navigation systems and found to have in general a lot of problems with our current navigation systems. The most frequent in Mauritius is the Garmin one but even the latest 2012 map version, does not work very well. We have tried different ways and one of the ways is open street map. Open street map is surprisingly good working implemented in our sat nav and very reliable. It knows the major roads and works very effectiv. I hope with this system we will have less tourists lost in the sugarcanefiels. :-)

My intension here is to contribute as much as possible for a good map so mauritians and everybody else have a reliable and working map in Mauritius. Since a couple of days i am driving around on this island to try roads and figure out mistakes. Like mentioned before the map is years ahead to the latest released garmin. Even if a lot of the small roads in the backyard are missing but the map has all the important roads with latest changes. Thanks a lot to all those guys have done here so much work. I'll try my very best to keep the level high and to insert usefull places.

Harry Mru No. 2541545