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How to find Missing Roads in OSM with GPS data 11 months ago

Nice job :)

Funny observation - I have randomly mapper some places in CZ and DE and all of them were some sort of insustrial areas with lot of dirt foads - mostly land-fills or mines. It seems that drivers driving dump cars like to use OSM :)

Lower Part of Arinsal about 2 years ago

Good work. You make it disappear by "solving it". They will disappear after some time.

google google google over 3 years ago

I agree that there users should not be forced to use google recapcha. In addition to what has been said, it helps google with digitalizing the books and there might be people who do not want to help google in this - the project has many contraversories, including data licencing and unhappy authors of books beeing digitalized. Therefore users of project like openstreetmap with very different philosophy should not force its users to contribute to google digitalization.