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Egypt-Sudan Un-correct Border JOSM help over 3 years ago

This border was last edited by RedFox (Language French). on the 27.Dec.2013.

It was initially entered by Schäuble Michele on the 28.Jan.2008

It would be advisable to contact them first.

If you have no success I'll do it.

Wette gewonnen! over 3 years ago


Although they are not "false positives" they are still errors and have to be corrected so we do agree!

Why the world needs OpenStreetMap over 3 years ago

Very philosophical. Well done!

Wette gewonnen! over 3 years ago


IMHO kann es keine "false positives" bei "beinahe Verbindungen" geben. "Highways" sollten mit noexit=yes getagt werden wenn sie nicht mit einer anderen highway verbunden sind!

Relation EV6 wird in der Radfahrerkarte in Ungarn und Slowakei nicht angezeigt over 3 years ago

It is also clearly visible here:

Motivation for Contributing to OSM over 3 years ago

Yes, I do think that we should raise the bar on newbies' contributions.

Yes, we all make mistakes and most of the newbies learn through their own. We don't want to hinder them in their initial endeavours, or do we?

I have had most of my work changed/improved, most of it good but sometimes not so good. It is usually newbies making erroneous edits because they cannot always see the geometry behind the geographical data.

Relations/Multipolygons/turning instructions, etc. are usually not easily understood by newbies but they can change/mutilate them at will.

When it happens I contact the newbie and it about 50% of the cases I received a positive response, the other 50% just don't answer; reason unknown but I can guess why!

As OSM progresses it is even going to get more cluttered/complicated so IMHO I would expect the OSMF to rethink their present open ended philosophy. I have my ideas but I consider the OSMF to be more competent to debate this issue. Surely that is part of their mandate anyway!

Straßenlistenauswertung almost 4 years ago

I agree with your sentiments that the list should be maintained. I have completed D-53359 Rheinbach and it is now 100% correct (I hope). I am not prepared to go to other PLZs and do their work, so the list is no longer of any importance to me and as it is not be maintained I won't look at it again. I think other contributors would agree with my conclusion.

But, as I said, I do agree with your sentiment and pity that it not being maintained.

Straßenlistenauswertung almost 4 years ago

D-53359 Rheinbach, Stettinerstraße ist geändert worden: Ich war heute vor Ort. Es ist jetzt die Franz-Wendler-Staße und ist seit 7.Aug.2012 in OSM erfasst. Auch die Stadt-Karten für Touristen sind geändert worden.

Die Franz-Wendler-Straße ist mit old_name=Stettinerstraße seit 10.Aug.2013 getagt.

Straßenlistenauswertung almost 4 years ago

D-53359 Rheinbach, Stettinerstraße geändert worden (Ich glaube): Ich werde es vor Ort prüfen.

Straßenlistenauswertung almost 4 years ago

In D-53359 Rheinbach habe ich Freisleben-Straße in Freislebenstraße geändert.

Straßenlistenauswertung almost 4 years ago

In D-53359 Rheinbach-und Nebenorten gibt es keine Straße "Parkplatz Freizeitzentrum" , auch nicht in Google.

Straßenlistenauswertung almost 4 years ago

In D-53359 Rheinbach-und Nebenorten gibt es keine Ladestraße , auch nicht in Google.

Straßenlistenauswertung almost 4 years ago

In D-53359 Rheinbach-und Nebenorten gibt es keine Straße "Gut Waldau" , auch nicht in Google. Ein "Gut Waldau": Ein Pferdehof das gleichzeitig als Adresse gilt, d.h. ohne Straßebname. Es ist seit 13.März 2013 korrekt erfasst.

Straßenlistenauswertung almost 4 years ago

In D-53359 Rheinbach-und Nebenorten gibt es keine Klosterstrasse, auch nicht in Google. In Rheinbach-Wörmersdorf gibt es ein Kostergasse. Es ist seit 17.Juli 2008 korrekt erfasst.

Mapping in Thailand almost 4 years ago

Multipolygons don't seem to be understood by many contributors: For example: Take a look at:,duplicate_ways,intersections,intersection_lines,ring_not_closed_hull,ring_not_closed,unconnected_end_nodes,touching_inner_rings_hull,touching_inner_rings,role_mismatch_hull,role_mismatch,duplicate_tags_hull,duplicate_tags,multipolygons_type_is_boundary,type_is_boundary,ways,role_markers,way_end_nodes,way_nodes

and this is CA, where many intelligent people live and it is not confined to USA. It is endemic to the whole OSM-World.

You can have multipolygons within multipolygons but you should try to avoid them if possible (newbies won't be able to understand them), and it usually possible do so.

I, too, once mapped a reservoir: Link to Blog:

It , too, was done almost perfectly but over time the newbies moved in and ruined it (my opinion), but I a thankful that it still is visible in OSM although not correct to OSM standards.

I assume that you have read the OSM documentation on multipolygons so you should be aware of what you are doing. Should you have need for advice/assistance then do ask for it: The OSM community is very responsive.

Mapping in Thailand almost 4 years ago

I forgot to mention that it is advisable to keep the nodes per sector lower than the 2000 allowed. Reasoning: Even if your work is perfect, some one will come along and add/make changes to it. Keeping the number of nodes well below 2000 will reduce the chance that a sector has to be divided!

Mapping in Thailand almost 4 years ago

About that reservoir: The outer perimeter should be split into sections of less than 1900 nodes and be part of a relation and defined as "outer". The islands should be mapped as islets and include other attributes such as "scrub" and be defined as "inner" within that same relation-number! Quite easy really.

Next comment from me is that OSM is much more than a road map. Obviously in many parts of the world the priority must be on motorways, highways, roads, tracks and paths in that order. For example, it is also about POIs and their attributes with make daily life easier.

But, just for fun, take a look at:

for what is possible!

notes almost 4 years ago

To amm and ToeBee.

Thank you both for being so responsive!

I looked at the solutions suggested (using API) and downloaded the area in question. Using I could browse the pertinent data but I could see how I could this in a useful way. Obviously it is my lack of the required skills that is hampering my efforts.

Do you think that is worth the effort to post a JOSM ticket?

"Maproulette" in JOSM almost 4 years ago

Ich wette nicht: Es könnte noch mehr dazu kommen!

  1. Ich hätte gern gewüsst wie die Routing Software mit "beinahe Verbindung" fertig wird. Richtig programmiert könnte die Routing Software beinahe Verbindung ignorieren und eine Verbindung bis zur n-meter als gegeben annehmen.

  2. Da wir alle Fehler machen sollte man Analysieren warum solche Fehler entstehen. Sind es nur Newbies? Liegt es an eine bestimmte Editor, Potlach, iD oder JOSM? IMHO es liegt an Newbies und Potlach/iD. Als JOSM liebhaber bin ich Voreingenommen; das weiss ich auch. Es gibt viele Oldies die noch Potlach/iD verwenden die viele Fehler noch machen. JOSM nützer, stelle ich fest, machen weniger Fehler.

  3. Auch "Duplicate Ways" sind für "Routing" schlecht. Gerade seit die Einführung von iD werden bedeutend mehr "Duplicate ways" ersichtlich: Ist das Zufall?

Learning about paths almost 4 years ago

Your not the only one. In my humble opinion paths are narrow tracks, fit only for walking, going through the countryside. Footways and cycleways are for towns. We do have highway=pedestrian which can be a way or an area=yes. To any of these you can you can add attributes such as: bicycle=yes/no foot=yes/no horse=yes/no hgv=yes/ no etc. etc. many other restrictions can apply.

Having said that, Map Features recommends highway=path, bicycle yes, foot yes segregated=yes/no even in towns.

If you look around the OSM-world you will find many different opinions so it might be advisable to see what the prevailing method(s) are in your area of influence. If you are like me you will want to get on well with your local contributors.