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Aprenent més coses: JOSM almost 7 years ago

Hi, thanks for the info. I've already checked this wiki page and started to play with JOSM. I could load some useful data, even though it would be better to have the orthopotos within Potlatch. I prefer Potlatch, as it is very simple and efective. But I didn't have much time.

New GPS almost 7 years ago

I use an iPhone 4 and I'm really enjoying it. I never used a dedicated GPS device, and I wonder what can these provide me that the IP4 does not. More accuracy?

L'autopista AP-7 ja té entrades i sortides a l'Ametlla de Mar almost 7 years ago

Hola Notaris!

Moltes gràcies per la teva completa resposta. Efectivament em referia a al Mapnik. :-)

My first edit about 7 years ago

Hi, I just learned how to connect the road. I also created a rondabout. This is good fun. This evening, using the GPS, I'll complete the motorway link. I might also import some GPS cycling tracks to add some cyclable paths to the map.