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closed 137023 psymyty

former known as Nederland is now FEDerland LOL!

10 months ago about 2 months ago
open 45170 Mary-Kay

Rigden Farms

over 1 year ago 3 months ago
open 153644 amm

Todo: Still missing a whole bunch of trails in this area. These can be traced from Bing and/or Strava GPS data.

9 months ago 8 months ago
closed 85038 Paul Johnson

Mapdust 3097152: The GPS wants a left turn onto Jordan Road. There is a No Turn left sign.

about 1 year ago 10 months ago
open 140103 amm

In this area the original TIGER import appears to be entirely messed up geometry wise, so it needs a lot of armchair correcting. The newer TIGER data seems much improved although not perfect in this area.

10 months ago 10 months ago
closed 115380

This is West Carrizo Springs Ave., not South Carrizo Springs Ave. I know because I live here.

12 months ago 10 months ago
open 45171 Mary-Kay

Park Meadows

over 1 year ago 10 months ago
closed 127730

Mirch Indian Bistro is not there anymore. It's replaced by Khazana (another Indian restaurant). Also, there's Jimmy Johns and Anthony's Pizza. Not sure about Subway.

11 months ago 10 months ago
closed 106145

Central Hotel

about 1 year ago 10 months ago
closed 97540 MikeHart

Wolf Law, LLC
1385 S. Colorado Blvd.,
Suite A-220
Denver, CO 80222

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about 1 year ago 10 months ago

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