Mapper since: March 12, 2012

  • CRAZY MAPPER and a mapping nerd.
  • Major concentration : adding road names, place names and administrative boundaries.
  • Focused areas : Vietnam (country) and Melbourne, VIC, Australia

* Preferred app : JOSM and Go Map!!!

  • I have a passion for travel, and currently offering free tours to inviduals visiting Melbourne.
  • I love Coffee, especially Vietnamese-type ice coffee with [condensed] milk, but I prefer Beer at night lol.


  • Philosophy : Free maps for everybody ; Open mapping for mappers
  • Equipments : iPhone 5S with Pushpin and Go Map!! apps, and iD app in laptop.
  • Current projects : suburb services, outdoor facilities in university campuses
  • Mapping activities : surveying suburbs and campuses in free time, adding POIs alone
  • Aim : creating a network of local mappers for larger projects, cafe gathering and drinks.


  • Studying at The University of Melbourne
  • Major : International Relations
  • Additional language study : Bahasa Indonesia

Location & Contact

Feel free to connect with me, and catch up for a beer or coffee anywhere. And yes, add my Facebook for better communication.


It's a Youth exchange program that changed my life.

  • 39th SSEAYP 2012 : V-OBSC
  • 35th SSEAYP 2008 : VPY / Cabin 203 : Dennis - Ifan - Yanes / SG-I / DG-CCU.

◄ Been to 12 countries : RU, CN, KH, US, JP, BN, ID, TH, PH, MY, SG, AU