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closed 378410


4 months ago 3 months ago
closed 186236 NiedernhausenerJunge

Do you really want an far distance Bus Route to be mapped? If we accept this, we have to map all the other far distance Bus Routes!

over 1 year ago 4 months ago
open 339929 Tom Morris

Waterway needs tracing from satellite imagery

6 months ago 6 months ago
closed 104961 Tom Morris

Some of the points of interest here seem to be wrongly located, and there's a lot missing.

over 1 year ago 10 months ago
closed 261571 Math1985

This should probably be tagged as shop=confectionery

11 months ago 11 months ago
closed 182155


over 1 year ago over 1 year ago
open 65913 Tom Morris

Venues down here need to be surveyed

almost 2 years ago over 1 year ago
closed 65905 Tom Morris

There used to be a convenience store here. Check whether it's still there.

almost 2 years ago almost 2 years ago
closed 65906 Tom Morris

There's a path here that needs to be added.

almost 2 years ago almost 2 years ago
closed 65897 Tom Morris

Footpath that needs finishing here.

almost 2 years ago almost 2 years ago

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