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2 years of overpass turbo 2 months ago

I love the OverPass Turbo. It makes getting OSM data more easy. I can share the querry link with someone that show them interesting stuff on OSM.

Iam here! 11 months ago

歡迎加入 OpenStreetMap 開放街圖



台灣OpenStreetMap網站 台灣社群Facebook社團 郵件論壇

如果繪圖上有疑問歡迎發問,大家都會熱心回答 敬祝畫圖愉快! Supaplex

整理門牌資料&了解Key或tag的命名方式 about 2 years ago

POI啊,應該是沒書可看,就多看OSM Wiki的說明頁,另外想了解大家下什麼tag,多看taginfo

NTU Mapping Party over 2 years ago

Thanks Milliams, it's a good advice. I'm not familiar with the shortcut.