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OSM Analytic Difference Engine Docker image 4 months ago

This looks very cool! I'll definitely try to get it running for Luxembourg.

The address part currently returns a 404, is it still being worked on, or is it a separate piece of code? We recently got open addresses a bit like Denmark, and I'd love to benefit from Denmark's existing experience.

Mapping Thorneywood Mount 5 months ago

British class politics aside, what has worked for me is carrying around flyers. Bright hi-vis jacket, loud friendly hellos, a bit of pontificating about open maps, and they'll be impatient for you to get on with it and leave within seconds :)

Logainm Data Import #1 7 months ago

Also, that analysis could be restricted by barony and CP.

Logainm Data Import #1 7 months ago

At the hack weekend, Dietmar and I played with similarity() in pg_trgrm. An interesting analysis would be, for the townlands with no match, to show the unmatched townlands on the other side with the most similar names. When's the next hackwochenende? :)

Help map some sidewalks for cities in the U.S. 7 months ago

Do any data consumers, renderers, or routing engines use the sidewalk=* tag?

Sidewalks! 7 months ago

Interesting! How are you planning to make it render just on the left side in this case?

While we're talking about pavements, do you know of any routing engines that use that tagging for pedestrian routing?

Easily map individual parking spaces using the terracer plugin in JOSM 7 months ago

You can save the second line by using the extrude mode (X), then alt-dragging the first line down.

Using custom Mapbox layers for mapping missing features in JOSM 9 months ago

Have you looked into creating JOSM colour styles? It looks like that would be a more efficient way of doing it.

Lets tone down mutually offensive and insulting statements with Harry Wood almost 1 year ago

Should I explicitly say sorry to anyone who had unpleasant time with me? I don't want to belittle the issue, but I want to add slightly different perspective on this. It is very common for non-native English speakers to edit their messages 2-3 times. Or use rude words when trying to explain their environment.

Yes, you should at least try to be a pleasant person to map with. I'm not a native English speaker either, and manage to communicate with other mappers without insulting them.

Address evolution in Belgium about 1 year ago

Do you have an idea how complete this is, compared to the counts of the official datasets? For example, in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, we have 18143 addresses on OSM, out of about 150k in the official, georeferenced address database that’s not yet open data.

OpenStreetMap Carto 2.34.0 about 1 year ago

I found your diary entry interesting, and tried to tag a bridge. Any idea why renders below the motorway?

Won't Be on the Road for a While over 1 year ago

Sounds like your chain is stuck between your frame and your wheel, and you can just pop the wheel out and back in. Don’t forget to fasten the quick release levers, and read up on how to adjust a derailleur if it happens again.

The true "McDonald's" problem and the apostrophes ... over 1 year ago

There’s also with a space, with no apostrophe at all...

OSM Hackerspaces Map now updating over 1 year ago

It isn’t working for me - 403 on

See who's adding townlands/baronies in Ireland! almost 2 years ago

I had no idea there were so few mappers mapping townlands.

What are you looking at, the last editor of all townland objects?

I'm fed up with all this spam on the RSS feed, especially Chinese almost 2 years ago

No one has volunteered to contribute the code to allow reports to be made for spam, enable captchas, or that kind of stuff. If you know some rails, that would be very welcome.

Supporting Women in FOSS and OSM almost 2 years ago

If you were successful in making OpenStreetMap US more welcoming to women, I hear the OSMF is having an election soon...

Can we have sysnonyms? almost 2 years ago

Because if you do this without being careful, you’ll expand Doctor to Drive, or expand things that aren’t abbreviations. There are local QA tools, like the French Osmose, that encourage the users to correct abbreviations.

Fixing common & possible Tagging Mistakes about 2 years ago

Is there a QA tool that integrates these? I know Osmose does something similar, but it works mostly in French-speaking countries.

OpenStreetBugs Phase out: Done over 2 years ago

Well done. Out of the 34000 you closed, how many were done automatically? Could the same automatic cleanup tools now be used for notes?