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That blade of grass is coming back to haunt us. 3 months ago

For what it’s worth, the French style draws the lines on tennis courts and football fields automatically along the rectangle, e.g.

DigitalGlobe Satellite Imagery Launch for OpenStreetMap 5 months ago

Thank you DigitalGlobe!

The premium imagery is great; it covers places in Ireland that weren't well covered by bing, or very badly. For example, Inishtrahull, off the coast of Donegal. It's also great to then georeference the old gsgs map

Joined as OSM contributor 6 months ago

Welcome, and happy mapping!

Preparing accurate history and caching changesets 6 months ago

How cool. SNS can’t be exposed externally directly, but it can be used to trigger actions, e.g. push notifications, email, calls to another trigger script...

Lets have changeset mentions 7 months ago

@imagico reddit limits abuse by only sending notifications if less than three users are mentioned.

Potlatch 2.5 7 months ago

Congratulations! shows that Potlatch still has a big bunch of users, which is a testament to its quality. Thank you for your work on it.

hello~ 8 months ago

You too! Happy mapping!

Highways & Byways: Roman & Drovers’ Roads in Ware, Hertfordshire 8 months ago

Ahh, no they can't, you're right.

Highways & Byways: Roman & Drovers’ Roads in Ware, Hertfordshire 8 months ago

Thank you once again for your interesting diaries. It seems that in every city built along an old road, you can still recognise the orientation of the long gone road in the city's grid.

Have you looked at Leaflet instead of to create simple web maps?

Easy Access to United States NAIP Imagery for JOSM 8 months ago

Ah, this might be a good half solution for the US Department of State Humanitarian Information Unit imagery too!

My Contributions 8 months ago

Welcome! Keep mapping until it doesn’t fit in a diary entry :)

The 2016 Board Elections Statistics 9 months ago

That was a very interesting analysis. Thank you.

Bugfixing terracer: 7. Have you Tried Restarting Your Program, Sir? 9 months ago

I actually find your debugging posts quite terrifying - it explains why the JOSM developers are such a small group!

Bugfixing terracer: 8. Show Your Bugs, Damn You! 9 months ago

Do you get an exception if you run it outside of Eclipse? :)

The Smallest Street in Thorneywood, Nottingham 10 months ago

Would any old maps help explain why that street was built? The lower left corner looks like there was something there before.

New bike 10 months ago

Is it safe to wave back on a Brompton? :)

James’s advice is good - a good tightening of every bolt and nut on a new bike after a month or two is usually necessary, and the bike shops will usually include that first service in the bike price.

Retaining New Users 10 months ago

One of the challenges is very basic: finding them and reaching them. I’m using Pascal’s local changes feeds, and sending messages manually. What about you?

Old-style multipolygon cleanup in Luxembourg 10 months ago

Ah, I'll just put the Richard Fairhurst badge on and get onto my flashy canal boat!

More seriously, only one user still uses P2 around here because it fits nicely into his workflow. He is extremely active, but hasn't created many relations. I don't mind fixing the occasional one.

Mapping considered Malicious (if Fire Hydrants) 12 months ago

What I’m reading between the lines of their response is that some areas aren’t covered by hydrants and would therefore make good arson targets.

More Mysterious Markers about 1 year ago

These people might know!