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Won't Be on the Road for a While 4 months ago

Sounds like your chain is stuck between your frame and your wheel, and you can just pop the wheel out and back in. Don’t forget to fasten the quick release levers, and read up on how to adjust a derailleur if it happens again.

The true "McDonald's" problem and the apostrophes ... 4 months ago

There’s also with a space, with no apostrophe at all...

OSM Hackerspaces Map now updating 8 months ago

It isn’t working for me - 403 on

See who's adding townlands/baronies in Ireland! 9 months ago

I had no idea there were so few mappers mapping townlands.

What are you looking at, the last editor of all townland objects?

I'm fed up with all this spam on the RSS feed, especially Chinese 9 months ago

No one has volunteered to contribute the code to allow reports to be made for spam, enable captchas, or that kind of stuff. If you know some rails, that would be very welcome.

Supporting Women in FOSS and OSM 10 months ago

If you were successful in making OpenStreetMap US more welcoming to women, I hear the OSMF is having an election soon...

Can we have sysnonyms? 11 months ago

Because if you do this without being careful, you’ll expand Doctor to Drive, or expand things that aren’t abbreviations. There are local QA tools, like the French Osmose, that encourage the users to correct abbreviations.

Fixing common & possible Tagging Mistakes about 1 year ago

Is there a QA tool that integrates these? I know Osmose does something similar, but it works mostly in French-speaking countries.

OpenStreetBugs Phase out: Done over 1 year ago

Well done. Out of the 34000 you closed, how many were done automatically? Could the same automatic cleanup tools now be used for notes?

scrolling the map in JSOM on MacOS over 1 year ago

The team is indeed working on this exact issue:

I like to use ctrl-arrows to move.

SOTM-US is coming... over 1 year ago

Wasn't it last weekend?

Verify conflicted tag over 1 year ago

Oui, JOSM! Tu vas ramer au début, tu râleras sur java et sur les raccourcis clavier qui changent, mais tu comprendras vite pourquoi les contributeurs plus matures utilisent tous ça.

Lost city in Darfur over 1 year ago

This is really quite fascinating. I'm not sure I searched the right way, but there doesn't seem to be a wikipedia article for that location either.

Soissons au XVIIIe siècle over 2 years ago

Il a visiblement importé les bâtiments du cadastre sans dessiner toutes les rues :p.

Ad ogni navigatore la sua OSM over 2 years ago

Welcome to OSM!

Would there be any use for a builder=* tag? over 2 years ago

Wouldn't it be hard to verify after a couple of years?

nom officiel des rues de Namur over 2 years ago

Attention, est-ce qu'il y a une licence libre pour la liste qui permettrait son utilisation pour OpenStreetMap, ou est-ce que ça ne pourra que servir de référence ?

First Entry over 2 years ago

Actually, Google uses reCaptcha to digitise house numbers so it's definitely an interesting idea.

On implied turn restrictions and armchair mapping over 2 years ago

I think we can all agree that the intersection isn't designed well. From the tracks on the ground, it does look like people are de facto ignoring the turn restriction if it exists.

I think it all boils down to Florida law. NE2, would you be OK with restoring the turn restriction if crossing the white line is indeed forbidden?

From the code:

316.089 Driving on roadways laned for traffic.


(3) Official traffic control devices may be erected directing specified traffic to use a designated lane or designating those lanes to be used by traffic moving in a particular direction regardless of the center of the roadway; and drivers of vehicles shall obey the directions of every such device.

(4) Official traffic control devices may be installed prohibiting the changing of lanes on sections of roadway, and drivers of vehicles shall obey the directions of every such device.

Editor trial run over 2 years ago

From the wiki page, it's going to be incredibly nice. I'm impatient to try it.