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open 609559 Sparks

Handicap parking this side of the parking lot.

1 day ago 1 day ago
open 603875 Sparks


7 days ago 7 days ago
closed 459512 Sparks

Name should be Chick-fil-A

8 months ago 7 days ago
closed 601406 Sparks

This is King George Way

10 days ago 9 days ago
closed 601407 Sparks

This is an un-named street.

10 days ago 9 days ago
open 600600 Sparks

What is this?

11 days ago 11 days ago
open 373335 littlecaesars

freedom car wash built new building and are renting out space at 1508 sams circle to Little Caesars and a Subway and a mattress shop and think a fed ex. I think the freedom car wash is the unlabelled building. Freedom just owns the building called freedom on your map but it is not the car wash it is a little caesars drive through pizza

about 1 year ago 13 days ago
open 365002 scout_osm

A user of the OSM-based Scout app reported the following possible map error: "Bridge has been built "

More information is available at:

Comments on this note are unlikely to be seen by the actual reporter of the error, but will be reviewed by the Scout team.

For more information about Scout, visit

about 1 year ago 13 days ago
closed 523656 jaakkoh

Rd tag problem on this block

4 months ago 17 days ago
open 557451 midnightcomm

Duplicate bikeshare?

2 months ago 24 days ago

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