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vespucci 0.9.4 available on google play store 7 months ago

Unluckily the version available on F-Droid is not coordinated with what we actually release.

They provided a build of 0.9.4 before we did (which surely caused/causes a lot of pain to its users because it was by far not release ready) , and the folloing builds tend to have been made at a random point in time, as a consequence I can't really recommend F-Droid for now.

vespucci 0.9.4 available on google play store 7 months ago

Not my decision, I'm not the projects maintainer and while some things are slightly painful with google code it is not at a level that it would warrant a fork.

Couldn't Save Changes 7 months ago

What you saw is due to an edit happening to one of the ways you working on before you uploaded (the server then has a more recent version of the way and, naturally, does not know what to do when you try to upload an older modified version). Currently only P2 and JOSM handle conflicts directly (vespucci allows you to export your edits and work out in JOSM what to do).



When does share alike kick in? 7 months ago

@imagico the LWG is acutely aware that there are cases in which providing the derivative database in full is a burden and doesn't actually make sense. It is likely that we will propose a guideline for discussion.

OpenStreetMap Isn't All That Open, Let's Change That and Drop Share-Alike 7 months ago

The comment at was from me (sorry wrong account).

Name suggestion support in editors 8 months ago

First things first: the name suggestion functionality can be turned of in the "Advanced Preferences",

The new functionality is -only- triggered by entering something for a name tag (with the exception of objects that are highways), the rest of the auto-completion behaviour is unchanged.

When it applys the tags it will always ask for confirmation if it actually replaces something already present. You can always reload the original tags in the tag editor with the undo functionality if somethig goes massively wron. At this point in time however there is no fine grained undo in the tag editor.

Mapbox and the lake of attribution to OSM 8 months ago

@imagico the ODBL enforeces its terms contractualy and not "just" with copyright, so while I would I agree with Sven in the specific case, fair use is unlikely to come in to play in this case.

Current work on vespucci 8 months ago

That is the plan and that is one of the reaons I redid the imagery configuration (so that we have consistent imagery URLs available).

Attribution and all that (a rant) 9 months ago

@imagico the basic issue is that their are far far too many "if"s in this whole matter. You can't simply accuse an individual or company of violating its legal or contractual obligations publically regadless of how much you think you are right, you need to be fairly sure since you might end up on the wrong side of a court case.

@dieterdreist in general opinions offered by our legal counsel cannot be made public.

Report a problem 9 months ago

@bolomap the landing page is for third parties to link to, so it needs to give a short explanation what the project is about, how to help and for those that have a complaint that is not really map related pointers to the correct places to address.

Report a problem 9 months ago

Note quite sure why you would want to get to it from the OSM main page, the page is directed to people that have seen or believe to have seen a concrete issue and not to "normal" visitors.

Updated contributor numbers 9 months ago

@jaakoh I believe the "200'000" number stems both from the Pascal Neis 1st study (which is simply a coulple of years old) and from last-editors numbers which by the nature of the beast tend to be smaller (currently at ~280'000). On top of that we shouldn't forget that we dropped contributions from roughly 15'000 contributors* during the licence change, most of them very very small, but which distorts the registered user vs last editor numbers even a bit more.

The historical run rate for actual contributors at least since 2007 (when the project started getting off the ground proper) has always been at roughly 30% of the registered accounts, the only period this was different seems to have been in 2012.

  • some of these have since come back and have accepted the CTs
Attribution and all that (a rant) 10 months ago

@Tordanik historically we have given a lot of leeway in what we consider appropriate attribution unluckily that leeway has been misused with an increasing intensity. Simply giving in to the misuse is not likely going to be an option with popular support and as I point out in the blog post, we are not asking more than what is the industry standard.

And using common sense is not prohibited, so providing better, more legible and visible placement is always ok.

Attribution and all that (a rant) 10 months ago

@SunColbalt you are seriously misrepresenting the discussion in question, which didn't even remotely concern attribution, the person in question was asking for us to vet his business model wrt the share-alike conditions in the ODbL.

Attribution and all that (a rant) 10 months ago


Attribution is not just important for legal reason, it provides postive feedback to our contributors that are interested in seeing that their work is being used and further it is the only way we can assure that users of the end product know from were the data is coming. See the recent threads on hackernews and reddit etc. were there are still a large number of people that have never heard of OpenStreetMap. Google knows very well why it insists on attribution.

Further while the poor developer left alone without any support might make a nice sympathetic pricture, it is -very- far from the truth. The worst offenders are not small mom and pop operators and are fully aware of what they are doing.

Attribution and all that (a rant) 10 months ago

@ThomasZander the LWG has not given a wholesale carte blanche to mobile applications because we've seen people move the attribution off screen based on space arguments when it was clearly not necessary. The current suggestions for appropriate attribution allow enough leeway when it is really (emphasis is on that) difficult to provide a clickable link/button or whatever.

What is the OpenStreetMap convention? Do we tag addresses on buildings or on separate nodes? 12 months ago

The stats seem to be quite compatible with the numbers I generate now and then here

While I typically tend to add the address to the building outline if there is no further information available, there is no doubt in my mind that the best solution is to add it to an entrance node on the building outline (forgetting about indoor mapping and multiple addresses in the same building for now).

Adding the address information to the building itself can and does lead to routing artifacts (being routed to the nearest street to the building and not to the nearest to the entrance) that can be avoided if the entrances are mapped and hold the address info.

Vandalism in Sydney ? about 1 year ago

Youo need to report this on the talk-au mailing list, it is rather unlikely that posting it here will have any effect.

PushPin als App für alle about 1 year ago

Für "crowd sourced" Übersetzungen gibt es schon 2 Platforme: translatewiki (wird von der zentralen OSM infrastruktur gebraucht) und transifex (wird von iD, vsepucci und anderem verwendet).

Some more Android hackery for efficent mobile surveys about 1 year ago

The main issue is that for the most mainstream mobile device category (Android with roughly 80% global maket share) none, well at least none that I know of, of the surveying apps add the information. If I can get the code I added to osmtracker to work stable enough for general use I will make it available.