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1000 7 months ago

@species There is no automated system, as there is no API to the mail system, which is missing for a number of good reasons, among others to avoid real mass mail (and associated making OSM even more attractive for spammers). The other thing is that it forces small units of reachout, aka to your immediate area, which as you say work well.

IndoorOSM and Wheelchair-Navigation 7 months ago

Note that the IndoorOSM tagging proposal should clearly no longer be used (it uses an untenable scheme for connectign floors and has various issues with tag naming), I would suggest reading up on the current proposals.

Vision? 7 months ago

@Johan I suspect that Flo was not referring to this years import. Wrt Geofabrik it is a privately held company under the control of its owners, I don't see how a 3rd party could speak for them.

My point was slightly different in any case in that I was referring to non-curated datasets that we wouldn't want to "force" somebody to use and should always be an add on. So if you wanted a geofabrik extract plus extra addrsses you would download the extract and merge a seperate address datafile for the same area before further processing. I suspect this is possible with tools that already exist.

Money! 7 months ago


as I said, SOTM has largely been treated as a black box, I wasn't saying that that was good thing, just a statement of fact. And while you might think that everything was perfectly transparent, from the other side I can tell you SOTM has been perfectly opaque. 2013 was an exception in that we, well at least I, was able to access WG minutes after the upset, but all that you suggest the board could have done, assumes a level of information and awareness the board has never had.

Yes I had a long talk with Brian with the view to trying to fix the issue, which as I pointed out did actually happen.

Money! 7 months ago

@brianboru I think you are just underlining my points, it was not that the local organizers and the "SOTM WG" for Birmingham were not dotting the i's and crossing the t's and doing a responsible and good job, but that the board as a whole was flying blind (I'm referring mainly to financials here), just as it is this year.

You are assuming a flow of information from the SOTM-WG directly or indirectly to the board that in my experience does not exist and likely has never existed. Just as the other way around, I don't believe the board ever formulated any (public) expectations exactly what SOTM local organizers should or should not do, SOTM, as said many times, largely being treated as a black box.

That it would be the boards responsibility to provide at least minimal financial planning, including some sane way of integrating SOTM, is the whole point.

A final note: the question of the historic pressure on the events to deliver a large portion of the net income of the foundation was discussed both in the board and publicly and IMHO the outcome was that we would try to avoid relying on SOTM (one of the reasons to introduce coorporate membership), with the expectation that the events would remain in the black.

Money! 7 months ago

@jremillard none of the other candidates claim to be the solution for everything and none of the other candidates are themselves (at least co-)responsible for creating the problems.

I've said it multiple times, but again, lots of things are now far better than under Steves regime, there are some which are not, but all are rooted in the first five years. It is not that two years ago the board suddenly decided to not create a budget, it simply never had one,.

Vision? 7 months ago

Hi Flo

I'm fully aware of the problematic side of imports, I just didn't want to side track the discussion. and while I personally would like to avoid imports as much as possible, it is very difficult and perhaps not a good idea to stop people from making their own mistakes.

In any case as I pointed out, data doesn't have to be -in- OSM to be usable with our tools and apps so hopefully one day we will get to a point were the pressure on the community process will be less than it is today.


Money! 7 months ago

As i wrote, that was patched up, so it is really up to the involved parties to speak up.

The one thing that is well known is that is was very difficult to find sufficient funding due to a large number of competing events and the local organizers felt a substantial amount of pressure due to that.

Vision? 7 months ago

Yes. But integrating additional datasets in our services goes back further, for example the central Nominatim instance uses TIGER address data not directly included in OSM.

What we haven't done is make using additional data easy for third parties, for example somebody that wants to create an OSMAnd map with additional data. Maybe this is one of the activities that belongs in the 5% that the community wont do that Richard Fairhurst has pointed out and needs to be supported by the OSMF.

seeking Administrator 7 months ago

What is the issue? There are many people that can help you on different topics. Perhaps it would be best to ask your question on

How can I get accurate locations in a forest ? 7 months ago

Getting good tracks in high foilage areas is difficult to very difficult and even professional grade equiment will have problems. The previous comments have already pointed I number of things out, a couple of more from me:

  • avoid wet weather (just makes the problem worse)
  • depending on the type of forest and where you live, surveying the tracks outside of summer/spring (aka winter, late fall, early spring) will help
  • using a ballon(s) may help
New MapRoulette challenge: TIGER Mismatched Ways 7 months ago

@pieren a bit late, but anyway: you do need to check a wider area around the location. One thing that is very common with TIGER is that the roads actually exist but are offset a km or so. Don't think GPS, think jotting down the approximate position of a turn off on paper.

MapRoulette Challenges 'Ways Needing Smoothing' and 'Crossing Ways' Completed 8 months ago

Martijn, congrats.

I may have asked this before, sorry if I have: the ways need smoothing task at least motivated some mappers (well at least myself) to clean up the surrounding areas (i remember correcting a larger city where all the roads were more than one block off, OSM based navigation devices would have miserably failed there), has there neen a noticeable improvement in routing quality in the US after completion of the task?


Copyright question 9 months ago

Given the small size of the OSMF it is clear that we rely on some policing at a local level as long as we are talking about friendly reminders that attribution of OSM is required.

You should however be sure that attribution is actually missing. There is no requirement to up front declare that a product is based on OSM. Naturally it would be good form to do so, but we are not in the business of teaching people manners.

If there is no obvious and clear attribution in the app itself then it should be added.

Survey = "No freaking way" or Mapping parts of the world no-one else wants to map, Part 2: HMP Sudbury, Derbyshire, UK 9 months ago



... I would actually be surprised if we had an unmapped prison here.

No joy this weekend 9 months ago

@Gerald I didn't say it was a minor problem, just that it is no different than anywhere else (and that it tends to get better over time).

Every new user is shown on first login, you might want to check if the Portugese wording is correct.

No joy this weekend 9 months ago

As has already been said: the Brazilian community does not have a larger relative (to the existing community) influx of new users than others. See given that Brazil is clearly less densely mapped that numerous other regions the "problem" if at all is smaller not larger than in other areas.

A ways to improve the situation is for example to send a (kind) welcome message to new mappers, at the same time you can easily check for any issues with their mapping..

Error message 9 months ago

You don't say which editor you are using, if it is iD see


the blogs are not really a good medium for such questions, I would recommend using the help site.

Very impressed with Vespucci 9 months ago


Opening Hours 10 months ago

Markdown managed to eat a bit of my comment, that should have been: ..(missing definiton od TIME)