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open 239382 SK53

Bestwood area 20 mph scheme came into effect 26th April 2014.

5 days ago 5 days ago
open 205835

حد سرعة غير صحيح. حد السرعة الذي تم الإبلاغ عنه هو 30 km/h

about 2 months ago 5 days ago
closed 184892

There is a row of houses on a pedestrian path called 'Derwent Terrace' at this location.

3 months ago 5 days ago
open 239342 SK53

footway with houses between Maud & Constance Sts. No additional p/c or addresses outwith those 2 streets; needs survey

5 days ago 5 days ago
open 239314 SK53

Falstaffe Mews at same postcode, this seems likeliest location

5 days ago 5 days ago
closed 191604 SK53

Fairly extensive parking here, suggest the access road is more highway=service than track. Can't remember what the surface was.

3 months ago 13 days ago
open 234372 SK53

According to FHRS Open Data there is a Tesco Express on Ffordd Amlwch. This looks the likeliest location. Note the FHRS position is only at postcode centroid and is likely to be inaccurate

15 days ago 15 days ago
closed 118015 SK53

Netto sold out to Asda 2011, see Re-survey required

7 months ago 19 days ago
open 156567 SK53

Scaffolding around here and obviously some work underway. Keep an eye on it (and/or check planning apps).

5 months ago 21 days ago
open 99218

This is not the footpath. Please delete. The correct route is the other section running to the East of this segment.

8 months ago 23 days ago

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