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closed 529548

Edinburgh's quiet route 11 (cycle route) is apparently also along here to Sandport Place - currently missing from map.

about 1 month ago 13 days ago
open 497682 Rostranimin

I've heard (from a reliable source) that the north/south path here (which is also National Cycle Route) has been closed by fencing - possibly permanently or long term. Survey required.

4 months ago 20 days ago
open 327084 Rostranimin

I have a reliable report of a new development here, including some new roads, but I'm not local to survey it.

about 1 year ago 23 days ago
closed 494149

I believe that there has been (or is currently) some substantial development work here, including a new route and one-way system for the A770 and new walkways/cycleway. I don't have details and I am not local to survey.

4 months ago 23 days ago
closed 376521 Rostranimin

This road needs a name (from survey or personal knowledge or open data not from copyright materials!)

11 months ago 23 days ago
closed 347965 Rostranimin

Active significant development taking place here requiring survey. Installation of significant fencing (for tree planting). Gates. Stiles. Path changes. New tracks.

about 1 year ago 27 days ago
open 180269 Rostranimin

Missing paths

almost 2 years ago 27 days ago
closed 360722 austraveller

Glen Trool village missing from map

12 months ago 29 days ago
closed 515590

Blackford Glen Farm

2 months ago about 1 month ago
open 412137

Need to add pedestrian crossing and walking route through swimming pool towards East Whale Lane

9 months ago about 2 months ago

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