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highway=bus_stop - Mappen für den Renderer 6 months ago

Why is a bus stop something that has to be easy for newcomers to tag?

think I've seen this image before

Powerful Suggestions Concerning how to Sustain Your Excess Weight Fall Outcomes 6 months ago

Eating less spam is another good way to lose weight.

Pivotal Scientific USA 6 months ago

"Experts in biotech and antibody consultancy"

"Unfortunately a bit shit at spamming"

The wrong side of mapping transient events in OSM 7 months ago

Still flooded:

But I do agree with the general point that OSM is not for transient events.

Floodhack, OKFN maker night, Ye Olde Mitre 7 months ago abbreviates "Street" and "Road", and uses a condensed font for street names. But then I'm a "old paper street atlas" cartographer at heart!

Wrong tags on Path 7 months ago

As usual the wiki is full of nonsense! There is absolutely no reason you shouldn't use highway=footway for a mountain trail.

Wrong tags on Path 7 months ago

That is not wrong. highway=footway simply means "a path which is primarily intended for walking". You can use it with sac_scale=hiking if you like, or indeed a surface= tag.

The hazard of relying on commercial implementations of Open Source projects 8 months ago

I'm not sure that the problem here is "The hazard of relying on commercial implementations", more "The hazard of relying on CloudMade". It's not necessarily endemic.

Important unpaved roads exist, so needs a reboot 8 months ago

Aaaaaand done:

Important unpaved roads exist, so needs a reboot 8 months ago

Sigh, another badly worded wiki page.

The intent of the highway= tag has always been that the tags represent each road's importance in its nation's road system, with the hierarchy trunk->primary->secondary->tertiary->unclassified.

There are also a few "special" values: highway=motorway (a restricted access fast road), highway=residential (a sub-unclassified road for residential access), highway=service (a sub-unclassified road for non-residential access), and so on. But the trunk->unclassified hierarchy covers most of it.

This is 100% applicable to any other country, and indeed the wiki page says this - "The highway type helps indicate the importance of the highway within the road network as a whole" - but, in the way of wiki pages, has accumulated a bunch of cruft which serves mostly to confuse people. We just need to sort the cruft out, rather than implementing a whole "new set of standards", I think.

Mapping city (from scratch), railway station & the salt flat of Uyuni 9 months ago

Nice work!

Bilingual street names for Slovenia 9 months ago

"don't rely only on Google Maps when checking street names"

Don't rely ever on Google Maps when checking street names. Don't even think about using it. It's a copyrighted source, and OSM contributors aren't allowed to use it - that's part of the contributor agreement when you create your account.

OpenStreetMap UK: what should we do this year? 9 months ago

Surfaces on paths and tracks. A highway=footway or highway=bridleway could be anything. For walkers and (especially) cyclists, a well-chosen surface= tag makes a huge difference.

Poor man's rendering 9 months ago

"I really fail to see why these are not rendered"

Because you haven't submitted a good patch. Where do you think the rendering rules come from otherwise, magic stylesheet fairies?

School Districts Boundaries in California 10 months ago

You can load shapefiles into Potlatch 2.

Random bus routes 10 months ago

"Was there ever a time when relations were not ordered?"

Yes. Relation ordering was introduced with API 0.6. Relations were not ordered in API 0.5.

Relation ordering is still optional and most tools don't make use of it. By all means order relations if it makes you happy, but with rare exceptions (e.g. buses that pass over the same section twice), ordering can and should be derived algorithmically.

What is OSM? The best free map of the world 11 months ago

No, Chris is right. We could have imported all of the OS vector data automatically and we chose not to. We could have imported all of NAPTaN automatically; we tried a few bits and chose not to.

The fact that OSM was a (partial) contributor to achieving the OS OpenData release (though the Guardian's Free Our Data campaign and the Cabinet Office's open data initiative were more significant) is hardly relevant. OS OpenData still did (and does) contain a lot of stuff that isn't in OSM and that we could have chosen to import had we wanted to.

What is OSM? The best free map of the world 11 months ago

Right, and it's a valid question to ask what methodology makes the best free map of the world; and, in particular, whether the community that (everyone agrees) is required to update the map grows best when presented with a 'fait accompli' imported map, or when it's able to evolve the map at its own pace.

You are welcome to draw your own conclusions on that score, but it's worth noting that the two best-mapped countries in OSM are probably Germany and the UK, neither of which has any significant imports.

What does the path say? 11 months ago

Only if you add meaning with surface/tracktype tags. Tagging, say, the 7Stanes and Coed-y-Brenin trails with highway=cycleway and nothing else would be misleading - there would be nothing to differentiate it from the common-or-garden urban cycleway or Sustrans rail trail. Happily, they do indeed appear to have surface/tracktype tags.

That's the point here. highway=cycleway has implicit meaning; look at 90% of cycleway usage in OSM and it means more or less the same thing. But if you want to overrule that implicit meaning, you can do so.

highway=path doesn't have implicit meaning, other than "here is a path of indeterminate construction". Unless you supply the meaning with both access and surface/tracktype tags, it's pretty much useless.

What does the path say? 11 months ago

That's absolutely it. highway=cycleway tells you it goes "whoosh" and you can cycle on it; it works in E&W and elsewhere. highway=path and an access tag doesn't tell you it goes whoosh in any country.