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White House 6 months ago

The capital of France is Paris.

best vibrators 6 months ago


Mapnik don't render railwail=abandoned tag ? 6 months ago

Android OSM apps 7 months ago

Have you tried an iPhone?

runs away very very fast indeed

My one problem with OpenStreetMap 7 months ago

I'm not sure where you get the impression that the majority of OSM developers are working for companies. If it's true (which I doubt) it's only on a technicality - several are independent OSM consultants (i.e. they own their own companies), others are employed on OSM-related business but contribute code to OSM in their spare time, and so on. Very few people are paid to contribute code to the core site.

Nor am I sure why you think that OSMF has a "hierarchy" or a "development team". It doesn't. Generally the development of the site has very little to do with OSMF; the Foundation's main function is to hold ownership of certain assets, e.g. servers, domain names etc.

As a matter of fact, routing ("directions") is already being worked on and will be going live shortly: see and .

I'd encourage you to talk to developers and find out how things work at present before making radical suggestions as to how things should change. IRC is a good place to do this.

bicycle traffic 7 months ago

It's great to have new cycle mappers on board but -

Wow. No. Please don't do that.

Making up new values such as "compulsory" and "facultative" will mean that routing software and renderers have no idea how to treat your data.

In addition, tag values should generally be commonly-understood British English where possible, and "facultative" certainly isn't that.

Please use the tagging@ mailing list to discuss your ideas for tagging before arbitrarily changing data. Please also revert your changes. Thanks.

Mapping Baker St TONIGHT, and other summer events 7 months ago

Surely Wikimania should be considered a fringe event of the much more important OSM 10th Birthday party!

@OsmThis: Twitter to OSM 8 months ago


highway=bus_stop - Mappen für den Renderer 9 months ago

Pretty much any kind of relation is not easily approachable for a newcomer.

If that's the case, then that's a UI issue in the editors, and eminently fixable. The correct approach is to improve the editors.

Friendly advice: your consistent shouting, boldcase and headline font in all this is seriously detracting from the points of your message, especially when you're yelling at people who have more OSM experience than you do. Please calm down a little.

highway=bus_stop - Mappen für den Renderer 9 months ago

The route relation which gets the tag is what matters. Which is also my main argument why this is something that newcomers won't be able to easily map.

There is no reason why routes should be difficult to map.

Put yourself in the shoes of a newcomer. All the roads in their town are mapped. The corner shop is mapped. The church is mapped. The pubs are mapped. But the bus routes aren't and the bus stop isn't.

Why should we say "sorry, churches are easy to map, but bus routes aren't"? What sort of message is that to send out?

It is incumbent on people "designing" tagging schemes to make them approachable for the newcomer. If the scheme fails that test, it isn't fit for purpose. Your insistence that the public_transport tagging isn't suitable for newcomers is leading me to think it should be dropped entirely and replaced with something saner.

highway=bus_stop - Mappen für den Renderer 9 months ago

Why is a bus stop something that has to be easy for newcomers to tag?

think I've seen this image before

Powerful Suggestions Concerning how to Sustain Your Excess Weight Fall Outcomes 9 months ago

Eating less spam is another good way to lose weight.

Pivotal Scientific USA 9 months ago

"Experts in biotech and antibody consultancy"

"Unfortunately a bit shit at spamming"

The wrong side of mapping transient events in OSM 10 months ago

Still flooded:

But I do agree with the general point that OSM is not for transient events.

Floodhack, OKFN maker night, Ye Olde Mitre 10 months ago abbreviates "Street" and "Road", and uses a condensed font for street names. But then I'm a "old paper street atlas" cartographer at heart!

Wrong tags on Path 10 months ago

As usual the wiki is full of nonsense! There is absolutely no reason you shouldn't use highway=footway for a mountain trail.

Wrong tags on Path 10 months ago

That is not wrong. highway=footway simply means "a path which is primarily intended for walking". You can use it with sac_scale=hiking if you like, or indeed a surface= tag.

The hazard of relying on commercial implementations of Open Source projects 11 months ago

I'm not sure that the problem here is "The hazard of relying on commercial implementations", more "The hazard of relying on CloudMade". It's not necessarily endemic.

Important unpaved roads exist, so needs a reboot 11 months ago

Aaaaaand done:

Important unpaved roads exist, so needs a reboot 11 months ago

Sigh, another badly worded wiki page.

The intent of the highway= tag has always been that the tags represent each road's importance in its nation's road system, with the hierarchy trunk->primary->secondary->tertiary->unclassified.

There are also a few "special" values: highway=motorway (a restricted access fast road), highway=residential (a sub-unclassified road for residential access), highway=service (a sub-unclassified road for non-residential access), and so on. But the trunk->unclassified hierarchy covers most of it.

This is 100% applicable to any other country, and indeed the wiki page says this - "The highway type helps indicate the importance of the highway within the road network as a whole" - but, in the way of wiki pages, has accumulated a bunch of cruft which serves mostly to confuse people. We just need to sort the cruft out, rather than implementing a whole "new set of standards", I think.