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Being a newbie 6 months ago

Brilliant post. Spot on.

We probably need to make (future) private messages into public messages to prevent this form of bullying, and provide a feed of all changeset comments so that bullies can easily be spotted there.

Roadmap: A State of the Map for all communities worldwide 6 months ago

I'll buy you the free beer next time we're at the same conference!

Fix a Forest - experimental tiles from US Forest Service data 6 months ago

@RobJN: I've considered it but I'm not sure it's appropriate for this task - the amount of corrections to be done to the TIGER data is so vast that, barring a massive upswing in the number of people working on TIGER fixup, that sort of fine-grained approach is unlikely to work. I do wonder whether a P2 vector background layer might be useful, though, in helping to refine geometries.

@kucai: Yes, that's a useful tag and one which the Australians (understandably!) seem to like. It's a little problematic though in that it only addresses the road quality from a car driver's perspective, whereas a surface= tag can be used by cyclists, walkers, horseriders etc.

GORDON'S ALIVE 7 months ago

Essentially it now moves a node, rather than creating a new one, if the nearest point on the existing way happens to be near an existing node. Currently it's "within 15% of the distance to the next node", though I'd like to make that distance-sensitive in due course.

Just getting started mapping my places 7 months ago

The iD repository is at if you'd like to take a look!

Potlatch 2: see two sets of imagery at once 7 months ago

On occasion P2 does serve as a training ground for new JOSM features! (MapCSS, parallelise, etc.)

GORDON'S ALIVE 7 months ago

Undelete's pretty unlikely to make a comeback for a while I'm afraid - the way it's implemented in P1 is a bit under-the-radar, and it really needs to become part of the official API first. But you never know...

First thoughts 8 months ago

Would be great to have you along, and congratulations on your edits so far. Do post updates on what you're doing on the diary - other people can help and offer advice. And you never know, if there are tiresome improvement jobs that can equally be done from the aerial imagery, you might be able to get remote assistance for your task. now has OSM-powered bike routing for Western Europe 8 months ago

Hi Ocivelo - does already take elevation into account, but I'll take a look at that example and see if the hill penalty could be revised!

Transition500 Alliance: A Radical Approach to Sustainability Consulting 8 months ago
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SotM 2014 Argentina logo 9 months ago

Oh, bravo.

Missing Cardrona Trails 9 months ago

They haven't been deleted. It's just that the map now longer shows things that have a name but not a 'class' (i.e. what they actually are), and you only gave these trails a name - you didn't actually say that they are trails!

If you add tags such as 'highway=footway' or 'highway=track', then they'll show up on the map again.

Changing the real world to map the renderer.... 9 months ago

I always wondered why the most un-NCN-like A5132 was signposted as a route! now has OSM-powered bike routing for Western Europe 10 months ago

That's odd - worksforme. What browser are you using?

To all recklessly editing newbies 10 months ago

To all old hands:


Feedback is always good - thanks! :)

There's a key at the top right (it says 'Key'), though I suspect it might not look right in Opera 12. There are definitely tooltip hints on the orange buttons (it's in the 'title' attribute) - maybe an Opera thing again?

The coffee shop thing is because it shows coffee shops in rural areas at low zoom levels, but not in built-up areas... and the built-up area polygon for Hambury doesn't include the Hafencity. Not sure what to do about that.

Red dots and cut-off labels are Mapnik placement things. The red dots should be there but they're getting squeezed out by the other labels/symbols. I think you have to have a degree in advanced wizardry to understand Mapnik placement. It's a bit like the Schleswig-Holstein Question but in XML.

Showing non-cycle features at small scales is one of the challenges of bike maps - like it or not, it's how a lot of people understand their way around (they're big landscape features even if you can't cycle along them).

It generally prefers small roads to major roads but, that said, taking you via Gro├če Reichenstra├če is a bit of an extreme diversion. Will investigate. The generalisation is an OSRM thing though there may be ways round it.

Kilometres will be along soon, but until then you can set a per-user preference by creating an account (that's also how you share and save routes).

I feel nostalgic 11 months ago

Screenshots of the early 'style' (which is possibly overstating it) are difficult to find. The only one I've unearthed so far is , but it's very low resolution.

But, in short, the earliest style that I remember was a Landsat background, with thickish white lines for each way, and I think with some black casing. That's it. Assuming you can get the Landsat background, it shouldn't take more than five minutes to knock up in Maperitive/TileMill/whatever.

White House 11 months ago

The capital of France is Paris.

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