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Mapping Thorneywood Mount about 1 month ago

Wow, thank you for adding all the numbers and detail such as local names. If you get further North you'll meet a haphazard dash of numbers that I've added while staying nearby. I've found "Keypad Mapper 3" handy on my Android app. and some folk in Nottingham might have a bundle they can pass on to you (or contact Andy who can post them from London). I don't find they save much time once people have already stopped you, but it does give them time after you have gone to actually understand the info and lookup the map.

The high-vis jacket can be useful, although it's reception varies in different areas (think classes again, and people not liking officials wandering around).

Your advice on photos was good. The legalities of photography tend to focus on where you're standing (public space/highway) and what you do with it(not published, used only for note-taking). However people don't get/agree with you all the time, so I guess it's easier to say "look, it's only a geeky photo of a sign".

Should we teach JOSM to first-time mapathon attendees? 6 months ago

It would be ideal if you linked to (or at least mentioned) where Joost's quote/question comes from, so people can see any discussion happening directly off that.

I'm interested in how the editor options are presented at Missing Maps events and thus how people consider or make a choice on which editor to use.

In leading workshops (including Missing Maps), I usually go through with iD even though I tend to only use it in demonstrations and can't answer a number of questions I might get. I sometimes refer to "other editors" or specifically JOSM. I led a workshop of geography masters students and expected to focus more on JOSM, until I learnt most didn't have GIS experience and some struggled to use a web browser "correctly".

Balancing the presence of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT US Inc) in the OpenStreetMap Foundation (OSMF) 6 months ago

HOT US Inc has a different membership structure in which one has to be nominated by an existing member and then voted in by 2/3rds of the current membership. They currently have about 80 members, and there have been people that did not pass the membership vote.

This set-up is new to me, and I only learnt about it from "The Book of OSM". It makes HOT seem like more of an elite members club, which may or may-not be relevant with the topic regarding the OSMF Board elections.

Welcome Message 6 months ago

It has been a long time since I signed up. The welcome page looks great in that screenshot of the current process, it's certainly got better than it was years ago.

We shouldn't be against further innovation and fresh views on the process. I hope your work goes far with other people in OSM.

A Review of the Manifests of all OSM US Board Election Candidates 8 months ago

Map contributions isn't essential but this post does focus on that and so that gives people the ability to take it into account. As a voter, it is your choice how much you take map contributions into account. For one, you could consider it difficult to understand how people map, or how to get more people mapping, if you don't do it yourself.

I don't think being a new comer alone is a reason to discount a candidate. Relative new comers are great as they have fresh energy and recent views about the community and the organisations. If a voter wants the OSM US board to grow the community, then they should look at people who have been new in the current season and journeyed to being really enthusiastic enough to join. However, if the candidate has only made the odd edit, not been to any meetups, and the candidate pledges to do those things when they are elected then I wonder why they are not doing them now instead of running for the board. Maybe they just want to get on the board for their CV/resume. Maybe being on the OSM US board will support their election to some other board.

On the contrast, those that have not made an edit in several months or years. I wonder, have they not been using OpenStreetMap in the daily lives, showing friends, or even in work? Have they really not noticed anything wrong or out of date on OpenStreetMap? Who do they expect to update it, if not themselves?

Average number of tags per way in OpenStreetMap 8 months ago

Also, I think it needs to be broken down into countries to be of any interest. Certain countries that have had big data imports (USA, Netherlands, etc) will skew the data greatly because all the imported ways will have tags relevant to the import source.

Who are the Missing Mappers? over 1 year ago

I think the difference of communication method/network is a good thing. The Missing Maps project is reaching a different crowd. Where OpenStreetMap has traditionally worked for pub-loving tech-geeks that love mailing lists or wikis, a whole majority of flower-wearing social-hipsters are now being reached.

Obviously there should be some over lap, especially to aid the teaching/learning, so it would be good if the organisers made an effort to contact the existing local OSM community. My view in London is that it worked better because some of the main Missing Map organisers attended the local pub meetups first (and still do). A few of the OSM-veterans have been attending, but that is not essential and the geeky pub meetup is still preferred event for most of them.

Missing Maps have a mailing list, which I joined (I think via typing on someone's computer at the London November event). However I didn't get any knowledge of the Edinburgh event through that.

Project #OSMselfie: Put a human face on edits over 1 year ago

If you want photos of happy mappers, my album based around SotM EU 2014 is a recent start:

Some of them include selfies. I travelled by Bus, Ferry, Coach, Train, Funicular, Foot, Tram, Car, Bicycle, and tried to take a selfie photo on every mode but haven't uploaded all the images as I thought it more fun to make an animated gif (but I haven't done that yet).

OpenStreetBugs Phase out ... update over 2 years ago

Thank you for your help in GB. It would be nice if your change sets were a little smaller, one covered 3 cities and several towns.

When I looked at OSB earlier this month, a lot were marking discrepancies in names with Ordnance Survey Locator data or they were housing developments that need watching. That means they really need on-the-ground checking. Currently it's very wet so my cycling-distance is limited. I manually moved some OSBs to Notes.

SOTM2013 group photo counts 214 people over 2 years ago

That's about 70% of the people registered for the conference.

speed and ease of updates (openstreetmap vs commercial providers) about 3 years ago

It also depends on if the oompah loompahs like you and/or believe that the road has really changed.

Blue post last time, Crosse Keys tonight about 3 years ago

You and your OpenStreetMap App Award idea were mentioned in the SotM planning meeting last night. Probably more discussion on it to follow later.

Test over 3 years ago

Welcome to OpenStreetMap!

Blue Posts and lots of upcoming events over 3 years ago

Someone in the photo turned up early for Operation Cowboy!

Circular routing sounds great. I'd also point people to the Research wiki page. At least put a stubb to say you're doing something. Feel free to look for ideas and contact people who have done similar stuff.

The Wenlock Arms meet-up (and next one tonight!) over 3 years ago

Where is your jolly face in the 1st photo Harry? Are you holding in the sobbing. Also, how do you get a phone call in the pub if you don't have your phone?

Free Street Art Trail and Central Bristol Map over 3 years ago

There are a lot of disjoined red lines. Steps?

Waypoint Symbol Aide Memoir over 3 years ago

There is a skill to cycling and taking photos without stopping.

Dear Diary over 3 years ago

Welcome! It looks like you've been making lots of contributions already, and around Frink Park looks like good detail.

tag for irrigation sprinkler over 3 years ago

I've seen these sprinklers where the centre is fixed but it moves round, as I fly over other countries. Very noticeable from the air, as all the fields are round or an arc! But we don't want to get into mapping tractors.

I'm for mapping it with landuse=farmland, irrigated=yes. Maybe irragation_type=sprinkler_arm (or something) if you must.

From mapping each field as a farmland then the shapes will distinct which seems to be what you want.

Stepps. Scotland over 3 years ago

Wow, that's a lot of detail. Now you can map house numbers and rubbish bins. ;)