Jorieke V

Mapper since: December 02, 2010

With my background in social and educational studies I am a little bit an exception in the OpenStreetMap world, but nevertheless a huge enthusiast! I got to know OpenStreetMap in 2010 and got really interested in it after I discovered the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team.

As a "good, critical student" at that time, I was questioning the mapping in humanitarian and development contexts. So I decided to focus the dissertation of my master in Conflict and Development on the power of maps in slum contexts. I went to Bangladesh to interview a lot of slum dwellers and I also met with the local OpenStreetMap community. Conclusion of my research: mapping can be a great tool, especially if the local community has the ownership over the map. And… isn't it this what OpenStreetMap can offer?

Since then, I spent lots of my time empowering and supporting local OpenStreetMap communities everywhere in the world. I worked on several projects accross Africa, Europe and Asia to map, promote and train local and international actors on OpenStreetMap.

And of course... I'm also proud to be part of the osm community in Belgium!