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closed 280487 Gunn-Russell

A1 Morpeth to Felton is being upgraded to Dual Carriageway standard. Start/completion date TBC, but approved in the Governments Autumn Statement 2014.

over 1 year ago about 14 hours ago
closed 679056

Other:wrong location. Few street off to the right near rosin

This error is submitted from Navmii GPS.

4 days ago 3 days ago
closed 650974 Fab3052

This place has been demolished and a housing estate is being built on the site. July 2016 (OSM data version: 2016-07-15T17:38:02Z) #mapsme

24 days ago 7 days ago
closed 462281


10 months ago about 1 month ago
open 537022 paulcager

There is a footpath that leaves the canal somewhere near here, following the crest of the spur by the side of the golf course.

5 months ago about 1 month ago
closed 614802 trigpoint

I doubt either the pharmacy, or postbox are in the middle of the road. They need moving to their correct possitions

about 2 months ago about 1 month ago
closed 526040 SomeoneElse suggests that The Robin Hood here may be no more. Can the flats that have replaced it be mapped?

6 months ago about 1 month ago
closed 562160 barr48

Sustrans has numbered the Caldon canal (from here to Cheddleton) as national cycle route 550.
[The Trent and Mersey canal from Stoke (station) to the Harecastle tunnel is national cycle route 555.

4 months ago about 1 month ago
closed 213427 SomeoneElse

I'm guessing that perhaps this footpath ought to join to the east? It's not clear on the ground - needs a survey.

about 2 years ago about 1 month ago
closed 213430 SomeoneElse

Does this footpath join to road here or go under or over it?

about 2 years ago about 1 month ago

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