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closed 377624

This hill is incorrectly labelled on the OSI maps. It should be labelled Letter Hill. I don't know where the name Tully Mountain originated from. Perhaps OpenStreetMap could be the first map to correctly label this hill.

3 months ago about 1 month ago
closed 200349 VictorIE

Exceptionally complicated hospital buildings not shown.

about 1 year ago 3 months ago
open 354572

Johnstown House Hotel

4 months ago 4 months ago
closed 352517

There are two localities in the same place:
"The Bush" and "Rathcor Upper". Anyone know to fix?

4 months ago 4 months ago
closed 148683 Josef73

I think this is an error, because the opening_hours are not in english.

over 1 year ago 6 months ago
closed 315498

feagh west is quite close to the townland of abbey

7 months ago 6 months ago
closed 318419

This is where the dumping is. Can this please be removed as soon as possible.

7 months ago 7 months ago
closed 246331 Fenaghdev

The R209, R208 etc. are primary roads according to the map key the outline which is used for these is for secondary roads

11 months ago 11 months ago
closed 201490

This is Nephin View and there are about 7 houses that need to be outlined here.

about 1 year ago about 1 year ago
closed 124350 IrlJidel

test ignore

over 1 year ago over 1 year ago

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