Mapper since: July 05, 2009

I like to use OpenStreetMap because an open map to use and edit by anyone just is a great idea! My preferred mapping method is the gps supported biking survey.

Map a house, tag a tree and force your kids to use OSM!

OSM pages I often use

Pages using OSM data I like


Things I don't understand

  • Access restrictions and how mapnik renders them

Things I find controversial

  • Should pavements be mapped as extra ways in parallel with roads?
  • Should highways be mapped using 2D areas or 1D ways?

Things I'm afraid of

  • Robots, feeding on my data

Things I hate

  • Robots doing edits on different locations all over the world within a single changeset having the (no comment)-comment

Some tools

My preferred mapping tools are a bike, the Garmin Edge 1000 (great!) and the josm software.