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Aw, snap! about 2 months ago

To confirm, the fix went live on OpenStreetMap late Friday:

@Spammers not welcome here@ 6 months ago

The problem has now been fixed. Please refresh.

All site visitors were being presented using the same IP address due to a change at hosting ISP. A spammer was blocked and everyone was blocked due to the IP address conflict.

New MapRoulette about to be launched! 6 months ago

Awesome. Bring it on.

Floodhack, OKFN maker night, Ye Olde Mitre 7 months ago

The "photo sphere":

strange french message Explain please! 8 months ago

It is a message to say the map tile is not (yet) available. The server which renders the map for the Humanitarian style is likely overloaded. OpenStreetMap has had a large traffic increase over the last few days. Server resources are under pressure.

Lost city in Darfur 8 months ago

Link back to HN discussion of this thread:

Poor man's rendering 9 months ago


Haiyan 10 months ago

You have disabled the data layer. On the layers click the eye icon on the data layer.

Why so many old, unresolved bugs in Mapnik? about 1 year ago

It is already up at for testing. Once testing is done in a week or 3 it'll go live.

Why so many old, unresolved bugs in Mapnik? about 1 year ago

Watch this for the answer: Putting the Carto into OpenStreetMap Cartography - Andy Allan

google google google over 1 year ago

I setup the mediawiki instance we use for We originally used an alternative to ReCaptcha but I was asked to switch as it wasn't compatible with screen-readers. I'd gladly switch to something else.

Test over 1 year ago


Over 32 bits over 1 year ago

Rendering is back. Nominatim also had a hick.

Hack Weekend at the ODI over 1 year ago

'twas a great weekend.

suspended? over 1 year ago is not registered or managed by the OpenStreetMap sysadmin or OSM Foundation.

Sydney redacted about 2 years ago

Looking a lot better now. :)

First Post :-) over 2 years ago

No.. it is an existing feature. Data working group members have it.

Introducing Team Surrey over 2 years ago

11th Feb works for me.

Introducing Team Surrey over 2 years ago

Brilliant. So when are we having an on-the-ground mapping party? :)

Advertisements over 2 years ago

Yes, there is a system to deal with these semi-automatically. Occasionally some are missed, best to add them here: