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Mapillary Bike Ride in my Neighborhood 10 days ago

Thanks Peter. This reminds me that I need to write a piece on using that bike mount. It is just very cold out right now and I haven't been on the bike much :)

Mapillary Bike Ride in my Neighborhood about 1 month ago

@bigopenmac. Thanks! Great idea. I've tried it in my car but the images are usually too blurry unless the lighting is really good. I'll try it on the bicycle though because perhaps the slower speed will result in better photos. I also put the Garmin Virb on my Christmas wish list ;)

Continuing new status... over 1 year ago

Good work in NYC! I've been doing some bus routes in Baltimore. Check it out the area on OSM and the wiki, which needs an update. I'd love to collaborate and chat about some lessons learned from your project. I was just at SOTM US.

A Brief Dalliance with Imports about 2 years ago

Phil. Great intro to some of the issues with that data. I work for Baltimore County GIS, and have spoke at length with my colleagues downtown about importing some data to OSM. They confirmed with legal that the data is in public domain, but that they're planning to update OSM on their own. I haven't seen any such project yet, and have uploaded some data here and there to test. I'll let you know if I hear anything else.