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House Numbering and Plot Numbering Around Gaborone over 2 years ago

Are the "Maps from the Department of Surveys" in the public domain? If they are how do you know that? Even if there isn't a copyright notice on the map that doesn't mean they are in the public domain. You really need proof that you can use the maps otherwise the data might have to be removed later.

- almost 3 years ago

Hmm looks like this post was deleted but I read it the other day on my phone and wanted to ask if you had considered getting (more) training so that you can get a job in cartography? If this is what you want to do then you should go for it if you can. On the other hand if you do that would you still enjoy it making maps?

Also thank you for all your edits

Keeping OSM up to date with OSMfocus over 3 years ago

Is OSMfocus open source? If it is where can I view or download the source code?