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JOSM validation - what to do... over 4 years ago

Thanks all, this was helping - relation saved!

Rathaus Glienicke over 4 years ago


discrepancy between high resolution bing satallite maps and OSM almost 5 years ago

There is a corresponding note/section in the wiki

I've read through a few of the comments and what I remember is
a) have a look at major roads and prominent points to check the miss alignment of the BING images
b) missalignment can be different in every zoom level!
c) in potlache 2 the BING images can me moved by holding down space and move the background (use major points in the area to check)

Lizenz about 5 years ago

so schwierig finde ich es nicht. Wie bei CC Lizenzen gibt es ja auch eine Zusammenfassung: