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The Smallest Street in Porchester Gardens, Nottingham over 1 year ago

Thank you for that indeed an enjoyable read. @Takuto where can I find these WW II photos?

OSM любить Mapillary almost 2 years ago

Thank you This looks like a good how to for adding GPS information to photos taken with action camera (e.g. GoPro). Unfortunately not the language I speak. I will use the google translation for now.

The history of the lanes-suffix is a history full of misunderstandings about 2 years ago

A bit late but here are my 2ct worth. Keeping something broken just for backwards compatibility makes no sense to me. If - by now - it makes more sense to count all lanes (motorised and non motorised) the community should do it. It is also important to understand that while in some countries the bicycle lane might never been heard of while in others they are very popular and important aspect of the commute of many. Same applies to special bus or T2/T3 lanes.... all very country specific but the tagging should be able to handle it.

JOSM validation - what to do... over 6 years ago

Thanks all, this was helping - relation saved!

Rathaus Glienicke almost 7 years ago


discrepancy between high resolution bing satallite maps and OSM about 7 years ago

There is a corresponding note/section in the wiki

I've read through a few of the comments and what I remember is
a) have a look at major roads and prominent points to check the miss alignment of the BING images
b) missalignment can be different in every zoom level!
c) in potlache 2 the BING images can me moved by holding down space and move the background (use major points in the area to check)

Lizenz over 7 years ago

so schwierig finde ich es nicht. Wie bei CC Lizenzen gibt es ja auch eine Zusammenfassung: