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Section of road opposite the Deakin Centre is now known as "Richard Howe Way"

4 months ago about 2 months ago
closed 144807 SomeoneElse

Is access down here public or private? I thought that it was private (based on walking past the end of the road the other week) but now it appears that there's a footpath leading from the west end of it. Is there actually public access to that?

4 months ago 2 months ago
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It would be great if this were searchable as "JJ Thomson Avenue", with no space between the "J"s -- took me a moment to find it. Maybe even "J.J. Thomson", for the truly pedantic.

4 months ago 2 months ago
closed 76599

What is this blue line? Does it run into Bin Brook?

8 months ago 4 months ago
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There seems to be a footpath route from the Coton Path (where there is a gate) to the path marked just south of this comment point. I went from the Bin Brook diversion channel on Barton Road to the Coton Path. It is a good route if you are on foot (not for bikes, or fragile shoes).

6 months ago 4 months ago
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Is this the one sometimes called the Marine/Wolfson Building? If so, could it be entered as a alternate name so as to be searchable, please?

6 months ago 4 months ago
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Gough Culvert (north end)

9 months ago 4 months ago

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