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Questions about parking mapping over 1 year ago

Hello Chtfn,

IMHO I would say that to map the parking area/areas is the most important thing and the access into those areas, (one needs to know the route to access them). If the disabled/motorcycle areas are separate then map their areas separately with the routes into them. All the parking areas are then tagged with all their appropriate parking conditions including disabled where applicable. If the main car park area contains an area for specific parking types ie disabled/family/motorcycle then that area could be mapped and tagged as the case determines. If the disabled area within the car park cannot be independently mapped but the approximate area is known then a node could be tagged as the disabled parking area. To further enhance the rendering of the map nested areas could be mapped as multipolygons, (areas within areas).

At the moment your disabled and motorcycle parking looks out of place, is it for the school, police station or goal? Also how can it be accessed, one can't tell from the mapping.

Just a few thoughts as you requested, keep up the good work.

Regards Bernard

hiking... using id almost 2 years ago

Hi dcp, It's the new OSM editor, "iD" from the main OSM page, the drop down from EDIT now has three options. This is the link :-

Regards Bernard

Just tried the new iD OSM Editor... almost 2 years ago

Ooops, gave the wrong URL above --- try this one.

With that Firefox 20.0.1 on Win 7 64bit crashes when trying to pan the map.

Just tried the new iD OSM Editor... almost 2 years ago

Gee Whiz. Yes, open it up and everything grinds to a very slow crawl. It then takes about a minute, wondering if your computer is infected to shut the editor down. Regards Bernard

Lycian Way - Turkey almost 2 years ago

Hello and welcome to OpenStreet Map,

You can easily download GPS traces with JOSM map editor.

Googling for "download osm gpx traces"
gives lots more help.

Regards Bernard

Activity 1 almost 2 years ago

"Unfortunately I found I need to edit a lot of very small segements"

Hello Govanus,

If you use JOSM you can highlight/select several sections of way then edit them all at the same time. Your edit is inserted into each section.

Regards Bernard

First edit almost 2 years ago

Hi, No problem, the three problems are fixed. Not sure exactly where the gate should be though. If wrong it can be fixed later on when you've mastered JOSM. I'll have another look at it in the morning anyway. Any more problems feel free to mail me. Regards Bernard

First edit almost 2 years ago

Hi, Yes all problems are still there and I agree not easy to put right with Potlatch2, though fairly simple to fix with the JOSM editor. Would you like to have a go at fixing it as aseerel4c26 suggests above. If you wish I can sort it out (with JOSM) for you but you'll have to say exactly where the gate is supposed to be. At the moment the gate looks closest to the north south path, just south of where your new path joins. Regards Bernard

First edit almost 2 years ago

Welcome to OSM, and please don't be disappointed by what I have to say, I think all learning makes for a positive attitude.

I took a look at your newly mapped path and it needs a few adjustments.

To the western end, if the footpath joins the north south path (which I think it does), then your last node needs to be joined to the N S footpath. The gate you mapped close by, if the gate is a barrier to one of the footpaths (ie the path goes through the gateway), then the gate node needs to be joined to the way at the correct position. Same thing applies to the stile in the middle of your path, needs to be joined to the path.

Have a look at the JOSM editor I find it much easier to use than Potlatch.

There are hundreds of folk out here ready and willing to help so please just shout if you get stuck. Regards Bernard

LearnOSM Relaunched almost 2 years ago

Very much easier to read and navigate through. Well done.

curious stuff about 2 years ago

Zoom out and north past the lake to see the airfield it took off from. Zoom in to see the pilot spilling his coffee trying to peer up at the Bing aircraft taking photos!

First Steps. about 2 years ago

Hello Morsa, Another welcome. Have you looked at Walking Papers it's the next best thing to a GPS, print out a map section and fill in detail with your pencil, they may well be of assistance to you.
Regards Bernard

Help us map Mali for humanitarian relief about 2 years ago

Hi, I spent several hours yesterday going through the map squares designating by mouse click those that contain buildings as then requested. Today I see you want dams marked as well. I'm sorry to say that yesterday I did not mark several squares with dams on them. So your dams count will be out! Regards Bernard PS I'm now going to mark to the finish, only a couple of thousand to go.

day 1 Old lines reboot (M&GN & GE) about 2 years ago

It might be better to tag the sections that are now absolutely non-existent (some are ploughed up and reverted back to farm land), as railway=dismantled.

Regards Bernard

day 1 Old lines reboot (M&GN & GE) about 2 years ago

Hello There and welcome to OSM,

I'm sorry to have to inform you that you have placed on the map a railway that no longer exists and in a manner as if it does exist. If you look at other old sites of railways nearby (Marriots Way for example,) you'll see them tagged as railway=abandoned. Please see this link for further information :-

In my opinion something that cannot be seen on the ground, as is the case with a lot of the old railways, ought not to be mapped. However to be completely open this thread advises otherwise,

Regards Bernard

Wierd looking streets, what to do? about 2 years ago

Hi leuty, Hi-light/select the particular node, choose the VIEW menu then click HISTORY or ADVANCED INFO.
Regards Bernard

JOSM about 2 years ago

Hi, "I can't seem to convince JOSM to make multiple holes in a polygon, one yes but not multiple " Create/draw all the areas, place the descriptive tags on each area. Select all of the areas including the overall area (by holding CTRL down and clicking on each area) when all are selected/highlighted click on Tools, and Create Multipolygon. Regards

More edits of Midtown Atlanta Parks over 2 years ago

Hello, Had time to look at your work, Very Good, yes a shame the 2011 bing doesn't zoom in.

I see you've made a multipolygon for the park area as a whole. If you now add all the inner areas to the outer multipolygon you'll find it renders a lot better Also it's easier to see the different areas in JOSM, At the moment in JOSM if the outer area is clicked/highlighted the whole park gets shaded in a colour including all inner areas and is rendered such. I've done one of the lower pitches so you can see the differences. Some areas will have to be nested multipolygons.

These pages might help:-

Regards Bernard

Cleaning Up GPS Traces for OpenStreetMap and Visualizations over 2 years ago


You can edit the file in GpsPrune which you are using, don't ask me how as I don't use it, (GpsPrune HowTo says you can edit). You can edit the file in JOSM before uploading it to OpenStreetMap. I have a Garmin GPS and edit my tracks (gpx files) in Garmin MapSource (I remove track section directly to my house and trashy sections recorded when the GPS is first getting a signal.

I'm now going to look at GpsPrune, it seems to be a very neat piece of software.

Regards Bernard

Waymarked Trails now in 7 more languages, and more to come almost 3 years ago


Thanks for your reply, yes I found the email contact for the site and got a very fast reply from Sarah. I've implemented her suggestions and will see later on if it turns out well. Being very favorably impressed with the hiking map I was prompted to look at other routes in my area and have started trying get them properly displayed. Regards.