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Don't know what to think of it of this research almost 3 years ago

A bunch of other user accounts were introduced for the same purpose :

Anyone has a tool to fix this kind of way? about 5 years ago

And in the example also : layer=-5 ;-) I used to fix it in Potlatch. Mostly however I delete and remap it. If you try to solve it in Potlatch you end up with a lot of double ways, and it's hard to see that.

Go Map!! now available in the App Store over 5 years ago

Already did a test with it. Nice program for casual mapping.

Stadsnet Brugge deel 3 over 5 years ago

In korte tijd heb je al heel wat werk verzet :

Proficiat !


la cigogne almost 6 years ago

Already on the map :

You can easily add other information.

la cigogne almost 6 years ago

Is already on the map :-)

You can easily add more information though.

On good visual map design … almost 6 years ago

Thank you for sharing this nice video.

BUS STOP almost 6 years ago

The mailing list of your country would be a better place to ask your question :

Kind regards, Georges

To tertiary or not to tertiary? about 6 years ago


Sander zal bedoelen : rijvak of rijstrook.

Mvg, Georges

How to name streets about 6 years ago

You can find it here :

India Tours - Mumbai over 6 years ago


Plane table application? over 6 years ago

Could this be interesting to you ?

Verschlimmbesserungen almost 7 years ago

Schade das es so gelaufen ist. Hoffe dass Sie noch später zurückkommen.

Änderung erscheint in unterschiedlichen Zoom-Stufen nicht almost 7 years ago

Ausserdem wird gerade jetzt nicht gerendert :

can't get edit map almost 7 years ago

Version 2.2 locks up frequently : mixed use of simple and advanced editing seems to be the problem.
( MacOsX 10.6.7, Flash, Potlatch 2.2-6-gaa899ca)

Is it just me? about 7 years ago

Mapnik tile server upgrade :

i'm back! about 7 years ago

Welcome back ;-)