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adding an aerial sphere 360 panorama to the OpenStreetMap almost 2 years ago

Alex, you also need to add a template to your uploaded image to enable the panorama viewer for that image.

I.e. one of my panoramas contains a link (just have a look at the “edit” tab of that page to see how it works) so that you can see it in the viewer.

Update to OSM Promotional Leaflets due to Padding errors over 2 years ago

I had a quick look at the PDFs (when it was too late to stop you from ordering) and already suspected a problem with the resulting prints.

With a PDF/X prepared for print (i.e. not using an office printing machine but professional offset or digital print) the concept of MediaBox (whole document), TrimBox ( and in this case the BleedBox (see ) needs to be taken notice of. Still these are not correctly defined.

Also for print your the contents in your document which hit the edge need to actually extend about 2 or 3 mm around the border of the doc to allow for cutting.

As I’m used to QuarkXpress, InDesign and Illustrator I’ll need to dive into Inkscape and Scribus to come up with a better workflow (and / or a template) for this project.

OSM & Britain’s Most Upwardly-Mobile Village about 3 years ago

I´m also always eagerly waiting for your stories, comments, sightings and observations you share with us. Thanks!

My Area Needed a Lot of Work over 4 years ago

Hi Simon, e.g. here is a way deleted by DesertTrip

My Area Needed a Lot of Work over 4 years ago

Hi DesertTrip,

a lot of ways you see in the osm database throughout the USA are imported from TIGER sources and the accuracy isn’t always good. The wiki has more information about this topic and I think here is a good starting point for you WikiProject_United_States -> TIGER_Import. Your in-browser editor iD gives some hints when you click on a way and have a look at the tags (the key / value cobinations): some carry information about “tiger”.

Please make sure you don’t use official maps as your sources for adding street names etc. to the osm database as this will most likely be a case of copying copyrighted data without permission. That’s one of the basics about how we map. Instead there is a nice article about “Good Practices” that hopefully will help you with your further mapping activities. Have fun!


Motorcycle / Scooter support for Taiwan over 4 years ago

Have a look at the wiki and follow the links to “moped” (also my best bet) and “mofa”. And better communicate with the local mapping community so you all agree on a “best practice” mapping style for these scooter roads. Do you have example photos that describe the difference between “standard” and scooter roads?

False labling of addresses over 4 years ago

Congratulations, with signing up you are now a member of a very large community of contributors to OpenStreetMap! There were over three million people from all round the world who have done what you have just done.

Proceed with the Beginners’ guide to learn how you can easily edit (i.e. add information, provide corrections,…) the map.

If you are not yet sure how to properly correct information and want to report an error that needs to be fixed you can try out leaving a note at that position in the map.

Just please don’t communicate with the community in a way that looks like you’re a troll. See Etiquette and Community Code of Conduct.

The Chancel Tax over 4 years ago

Another interesting detail: chancel is very close to the German term “Kanzel” (which is the pulpit).

Construire son V4MPod pour prendre des photos à 360° over 4 years ago

That looks like you have mounted your cameras in landscape orientation.

Depending on the vertical and horizontal coverage of the lenses (those cameras typically use ultra wide angle or even fisheye lenses) you can mount the cameras in portrait orientation. You’d still have enough overlap for all four images to stitch (if that’s what you intend to do) a complete panorama with a horizontal view of 360 degrees plus more coverage up and down.

That’s the usual way panorama photographers mount their cameras. The simpler multi camera rigs for 360 video tend to use that approach.

Mentz-Abfälle almost 5 years ago

Und ich dachte schon, ich reagiere als einziger allergisch auf die Mentz Qualitätsoffensive.

OSM Awards 2016 – Entscheidungshilfe almost 5 years ago

Vielen Dank für die Einschätzungen und Kommentare zu den Awards an sich und den einzelnen Kandidaten. Ich hab das gleich mal mit meiner bereits getätigten Abstimmung (die ja bis Abstimmungsende editierbar bleibt) verglichen und war erstaunt, dass die Eingrenzung auf einige Kandidaten hier meiner eigenen Einschätzung sehr nah kommt. Zwei Voten “musste” ich jetzt aber nochmal ändern :-)

Solche Awards sind an sich nicht verkehrt, denn es gibt genug Menschen, die die Grundlagenarbeit im Hintergrund machen und ab und zu mal ein Dankeschön bekommen sollten. Allerdings sollte auch bei so einer Abstimmung auf transparenten, nachvollziehbaren Ablauf geachtet werden, deiner Kritik kann ich zustimmen.

Bleibt zu hoffen, dass noch mehr als die 567 bisherigen Stimmen abgegeben werden. Und der Kleber hält und so.

Walking the Bounds: Bassetlaw almost 5 years ago

I always enjoy the nicely illustrated mapping adventures you share with us. This time my favourite is “widdershins”, thanks for also pointing us to the wikipeda article!

Some folks really love to connect areas with other areas or ways, no matter if that makes sense or not. I suspect this happens so often partly because iD’s animation when two nodes are merged is so nice. Sigh.

Nonsense values of shop= key about 5 years ago

While your thoughts may have a point the way you express them you shows everyone else that you don’t care for other thoughts or even a discussion. Your problem.

In reply to the last sentence of your posting: Those who think that other mappers’ opinions are irrelevant seem to have a very limited field of view.

Let me just note that one of the large number of “applications” of the OSM database are i.e. GPS devices. Try searching for one of your overly specific tags (“Hey! I need more strong alcohol!”) out in the field with e.g. a Garmin handheld. So while there is no way of stopping you from adding specific tags to an existing POI (do it! promote it!) please stop telling others that they have mapped everything in a wrong way for the last couple of years.

Wie gut sind die Öffnungszeiten in meinem "Revier" erfasst? over 5 years ago

Hi Nakaner,

könnte man denn mit Hilfe von overpass-turbo auch das Datum des changesets abfragen, also wie alt (wann zuletzt geändert) ein node bzw. way ist, der opening_hours enthält? Nicht überall bei Geschäften, Lokalen etc. wird ja last_checked oder ähnliches eingetragen, da wäre also zum Jahreswechsel eine Abfrage super, die im Zielgebiet diejenigen nodes/ways anzeigt, deren Öffnungszeiten älter als z.B. zwei oder drei Jahre sind.

Hier habe ich zumindest mal etwas entsprechendes gefunden, was auf last_checked aufbaut.

So für den gut geplanten Winterspaziergang beim Heimaturlaub… :-)

Ghost-Bus-Hunter Start over 5 years ago

The wiki actually has an article on buses, but also more general about public transport and bus routes. But what is a ghost line?

Liverpool becomes the first city to open fast walking lanes over 5 years ago

Thanks for the link. The city of Liverpool seems to have (and also push) some clever ideas to boost non motorised traffic, see also Richard Fairhurst’s blog post on

Melbourne tram stop project 5 November 2015 update over 5 years ago

Try switching from iD (the editor running in your browser) to JOSM. It has some plug ins available that make life easier when it comes to public transport mapping, and there’s also a way to check the history of badly mapped nodes and ways. That way you can see who e.g. mapped a platform as wheelchair accessible and contact that other mapper through the changeset comment.

Mapillary on the road over 5 years ago

Now I join your schadenfreude :-)

Mapillary on the road over 5 years ago

I’m pretty sure that “accident” is actually a team of test drivers carefully covering prototype cars.

Potlatch without Flash almost 6 years ago

Potlatch is sort of deprecated, see this comparison.