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Наведём порядок у Почты России over 3 years ago

Самим своим существованием ;)

Заблокированное название

Наведём порядок у Почты России over 3 years ago

Хорошо бы еще и brand:wikidata=Q1502763 и brand:wikipedia=ru:Почта России - тогда это еще и заблокирует случайные изменения в name и brand в редакторе iD

Go Map!! 1.1 available over 10 years ago

And yet another request - could you please take into account known Bing imaginary offset when there is some near current edit location? Please look at for more details and into

Go Map!! 1.1 available over 10 years ago

Just yet another feature request: could GoMap answer to JOSM calling requests when started and if iOS allows this at all? Here is an example to call JOSM for particular OSM way inside specified bounding box:


Go Map!! 1.1 available over 10 years ago

Thank you very much for such amazing editor for iOS :) Street names auto-completion is great and most helpful for me.

BTW please specially describe Nominatum search usage in your short documentation. Maybe I was a bit slow but I could launch Nominatum only after a week of Go Map usage when accidentally hold ‘My Location’ button for a second :)

It’s strange but I didn’t see mentioned Russian fonts rendering problem in 1.0 - all was ok then and now. The only serious issue I could report was frequent crashes during app suspending using quick tasks switching in iPad2: « Application Specific Information: Go Map!![111] has active assertions beyond permitted time: {( <BKProcessAssertion: 0x1e5467e0> identifier: Suspending process: Go Map!![111] permittedBackgroundDuration: 10.000000 reason: suspend owner pid:27 preventSuspend preventThrottleDownCPU preventThrottleDownUI )} »

Fortunately I didn’t see such crashes using new 1.1 version yet.

BTW could you please also add some minimal editing of relations in the future? Even adding/removal of existing relations for the ways/nodes will be enough for me :)