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Being part of State of the Map Asia 2016 over 1 year ago

ImreSamu, that's great! This makes taginfo available for any region out there easily.

Mapping Kindergartens While Doing My Fieldwork Using about 2 years ago

And if you'd like to add more info while mapping on the go, you could also try Go Map!!. This works offline too and lets you add more tags other than the default ones provided on since you may find other useful objects to map on the field. Happy Mapping. :)

Mapping Kindergartens While Doing My Fieldwork Using about 2 years ago

Great work @Akshay! This kind of contribution is very valuable and unique to OSM since you rarely find rural map data such as this on other maps. I did map some of the Anganawadis in North Karnataka around Yadgir couple of years back when I was there on fieldwork. Looks like Karnataka has most mapped Anganawadis in India and more than a million of them are there in total; which are of course, yet to be mapped!

Translation Script over 2 years ago

This can be super useful for Indic languages!

For Kannada, I think users like indigomc have been adding Kannada labels since past 5 years. Lately, I have been adding both Kannada and English labels whenever I create any object with name=* tag in Karnataka region. And for existing objects which have only English label, I use JOSM filter with "name:kn" string to find those objects which don't have Kannada labels in the region I map and add then Kannada labels to them.

Calculating the mapped road coverage in your region over 2 years ago

It will be nice to know the process followed by Heinz to get the highways length mentioned on the wiki page. I used the old perl script for Karnataka region from latest OSM extract to get highways length and got approximately similar length(~7789km) as in this common spreadsheet.


Indic language tags over 2 years ago

I think Marathi is missed from the above list, which is interestingly, more than Hindi. But yes, at least in India, there can be more Indic language tags which is not the case now. :(

Karnataka 01/2007 to 12/2014: OSM Map Evolution about 3 years ago

@Aury88, thanks for noticing that. Yes, git is indeed.! I didn't come across that error. I had used Ubuntu 14.04. Did you install all the dependencies and were you able to build some tests with Libosmium?

@fidelcastrogis - is the data used to create that map is open or closed.?

@robert, @tompor598 and @DaCor - Its been a great community effort.:)