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November 14, 2020

I kissed mound, where it met her panty line. Her soft skin made me groan, and I tugged at her elastic strings circling her hips. I revealed more of her mound. The faint ringing of the floors passing by was an afterthought in my mind. The top of her clitoral hood peaked up at me, followed by the narrow body hidden between the upper folds of her outer pussy lips”. “You smell fresh,” I said, placing my lips against her. I pulled her panties lower, exposing her pussy, and I licked the juicy pearl at the apex of her lips. I pushed in and then up, grinding my tongue against her soft, silky flesh. “Oh god,” Tokyo said, sobbing the words like a woman in disbelief. “You smell like sex,” I whispered against her pussy lips. “Yeah,” Tokyo moaned, trying to push my head lower to the warm prize hidden between her inner labia”. I pulled her panties all the way down her legs, watching as the thin bands of string rolled down to her smooth muscles. I didn’t let them touch the floor, and Tokyo stepped out of them. She was looking down, watching as if in a dream while holding her dress above her hips and offering her pussy to me for my pleasure.