Fixing Delaware's representation of public lands on OSM

Posted by wordplay on 22 February 2021 in English (English).

Although I am a Pennsylvania resident, I spend a good deal of time in Delaware, exploring natural areas such as parks, State Forests, and Preserves. My hobby is to record the GPX traces for my hikes in order to add hiking paths to OSM. I use OSMAnd for tracking and edit OSM using iD and JOSM.

In the course of recording these map features, I’ve noticed some of Delaware’s public lands in OSM do not conform to the standards expressed in the United States/Public Lands wiki.

I have started a discussion on the Delaware wiki page in an effort to expand the Delaware wiki to specify tagging standards for Delaware’s public lands. My starting point is to work on the State Forests.

I’ve also noted that the outlines some (many?) of the State Forests don’t match the data that can be pulled from PADUS. I am working to resolve this discrepancy.

After the State Forests are corrected, I will move on to address other public lands in Delaware. I invite collaborators.

Location: Limerick, Limerick Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, 19468, United States

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