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HOT: progress made and nice-to-haves over 4 years ago

To be able to mark what has been done, rather than simply "Mark as done" would be really nice. I'm working on this task:, but although it's mainly roads I usually also map rivers/streams, villages/hamlets etc. And there may also be different detail of roads, from big roads to small paths and to be able to check what detail of highway tags has been done in a square would help to come back later to add more detail.

Adding Addresses over 4 years ago

Cool. I'm also trying to find a good workflow for using OSMTracker, setting up different layouts for different purposes. I wish there was a way to share layouts and icons easily, it would really help many in using OSMTracker.

I'm also yet to start using Vespucci properly, sometimes it feels quicker just to add data when surveying and organise it in JOSM when back home. Although it's easy to fall behind, having more GPS tracks than there is time to add in JOSM...

Local Chapters v2.0 - A standardised starting point for new contributors over 4 years ago

Thanks for your reply! Being fairly new to OSM I'm really excited. I haven't heard about the Local Chapters Working Group before. Is it to set up legally registered chapters in different countries? That is, not only a community, but also a legal framework for it?

Since we're in the process of setting up a Kenyan OSM community I'm interested in hearing more about what we should think about in that regard.

Adding Addresses over 4 years ago

Another question: in new areas without satellite imagery, are you just adding the addresses anyway, or adding buildings using other methods than satellite imagery tracing?

Adding Addresses over 4 years ago

DaCor: If you are using OsmPad to add house numbers, but also add other data while surveying, do you also keep Vespucci open and switch between the two? Or how do you add other data that are not addresses?

Personally I find KeypadMapper 3 a lot easier to use than OsmPad, although not as specific in placement of the address nodes.

Local Chapters v2.0 - A standardised starting point for new contributors over 4 years ago

These are great ideas. I've also been thinking in similar terms. It must be a lot easier to interact with local users, share ideas and principles about how to map certain features etc., as well as providing an easier entry for beginners in a specific area.

I'm currently trying to build a community of mappers in Kenya. There is a wiki page, but no real strategy of maintaining it. Then we're thinking of setting up a mailing list. But it is indeed too difficult and confusing to sign up for a mailing list. Then there's the forums, which is on an entirely different site and layout. And IRC (IRC what?!?), which is a great way for real-time communication, but not easy to understand for newbies. And so on and so forth.

If OSM could have local chapters/communities built in somehow, it would greatly help in catching all newbies who might disappear because of high learning threshold, to inspire each other, and to come up with a unified way of tagging certain features that are particular to that area.